Research Interests

I study the politics of environmental governance and am particularly interested in local institutional arrangements and the role they play in explaining policy outcomes. Below, you will find several downloadable working papers on this and related topics. Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome.

New Book Published

Dr. Andersson, along with co-authors Pamela Matson and William C. Clark, has a new book just published: "Pursuing Sustainability: A Guide to the Science and Practice", Princeton University Press, March 2016. Described as "A primer for students and practitioners who are seeking a more systematic and comprehensive platform on which to base their pursuits of sustainability", the book explores frameworks and approaches for understanding, analyzing, and effectively engaging in sustainability challenges, addressing the question of how to achieve sustainability, presenting that the ultimate determinants of intergenerational well-being should be thought of as the stocks of assets on which people now draw and will draw in the future to subsist and improve their lives stocks that include natural, social, manufactured, human, and knowledge capital.

Working Papers