Current students are not eligible to audit a class. They should work with their academic advisors if they want to enroll in a course for N/C (no credit).

There are several options for individuals who are not current, degree-seeking registered students. Non-registered student programs:

Specific to the International Affairs Program:

  • Non-registered students and auditors are welcomed to enroll in IAFS 1000: Global Issues and International Affairs (with the exception of IAFS 1000 in spring 2021 semester only)
  • Prospective students interested in visiting an IAFS class are asked to arrange an IAFS 1000 class visit with the IAFS Program staff (other IAFS classes are not permitted for prospective student class visits unless approved by the IAFS Program)
  • Non-registered students and auditors must receive faculty and departmental permission prior to enrolling in any IAFS 3000-level course, including special topics for IAFS 3000 sections
  • Non-registered students and auditors are not permitted to enroll in IAFS 4500 (any section), IAFS 4800, or IAFS 4930