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David Ferris

Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature

Chair, Department of Humanities


In preparation:

Taking Leave: Exile and the Modern Elegy

Politics After Aesthetics

David Ferris-Cambridge Introduction to Walter Benjamin


The Cambridge Introduction to Walter Benjamin

   Cambridge University Press, 2008  (excerpt)

David Ferris-Cabmbridge Companion to Walter Benjamin

The Cambridge Companion to Walter Benjamin
    Cambridge University Press, 2004

“All the chapters deserve to take their place in such a prominent volume and all serve both to enrich advanced understandings of Benjamin's work and to invigorate new engagement. . . .the standard of the chapters in this work is uniformly high, and at times outstanding.” 
      – Comparative Critical Studies

David Ferris-Silent Urns: Romanticism, Hellenism, Modernity

Silent Urns: Romanticism, Hellenism, Modernity
   Stanford University Press, 2000 (excerpt)

“an original and compelling critical study that breaks important new ground in a variety of areas, including European Romanticism and its relation to the past, the relation of aesthetics to politics, and contemporary historicist theories of literature and culture.” 
      – Criticism
“carefully thought challenge to critical orthodoxy” - Keats-Shelley Journal

David Ferris-Walter Benjamin: Theoretical Questions

Walter Benjamin: Theoretical Questions

   Stanford University Press, 1996

David Ferris-Theory and the Evasion of History

Theory and the Evasion of History

   Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993

“Almost uniquely amongst his generation of literary scholars, David Ferris has found the patience and self-discipline to confront the central Hegelian quesion of the nature and function of historical understanding.” 
       – MLN

"Teases out philosophical problems from minutely close attention to the rhetorical and formal elements of literary texts... Erudite and resourceful."
       – Studies in English Literature

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