The Arts & Sciences Honors RAP is home to a diverse, inclusive, talented, and academic community. There are always free activities to take part in and people to talk to. It’s a great place to live, learn, & grow as an honors student.

 -Kyla Jung, Honors RAP student leader 2013-2017

Our students are the core of the Honors RAP. Through student leadership and the flock structure they shape the program according to their needs, talents, and bright ideas.

To enrich our students’ college and residential academic lives, the Honors RAP sponsors weekly events including flock meetings, symposia, and special events.  Beyond campus, Honors RAP students engage in activities like trips to museums, cultural performances, sporting events, and more.

We invite you to check out what the Honors RAP students are up to in The Smithsonian (the Arts & Sciences Honors RAP newsletter).