How do I get into the Honors Residential Academic Program (Honors RAP)?
  • Apply to the University of Colorado Boulder and be accepted as a first year student.
  • You must be Honors qualified to be accepted into the Honors Program and Honors RAP.  Incoming 1st-year students who are honors-qualified students will receive a Welcome Letter from the A&S Honors Program inviting them to participate in the A&S Honors Program. These letters are sent out periodically beginning in late December.
  • Confirm your intent to enroll and submit your non-refundable Admissions Confirmation deposit.  See your Admissions materials for details, but do not send any money to Honors RAP.
  • Complete your Housing Contract.
As an honors student am I guaranteed a spot in the Honors RAP Smith Hall?

Honors students are not guaranteed a spot in the Honors RAP Smith Hall.

Housing applications and assignments are a product of the Housing Office.

Is there an extra fee for participating in Honors RAP?
  • Yes, just as there is for all RAPs.  The RAP program fee for the year is $425.  The RAP fee covers Honors faculty instruction in small, seminar-style course formats, academic support, co-curricular activities, and extra curricular activities, offered exclusively for members of the Honors RAP. Your RAP program fee is non-refundable and will appear on your Housing bill in the Fall.  Again, please do not send money directly to Honors RAP.  A limited number of scholarships to cover this fee are available for those who have financial need and/or can contribute to making Honors RAP a diverse and inclusive environment.  See the FAQ for more information.
Is there scholarship money available through Honors RAP?
  • A limited number of scholarships are available for students who demonstrate financial need and/or who contribute to a diverse and inclusive community in the Honors RAP. Students who wish to be considered for a RAP fee scholarship must contact the Honors RAP by email at
Will I find Honors RAP to be more studious than other residence halls?
  • Likely, most of the time, and that’s a good thing.  One of Honors RAP’s primary goals is to help you to have a successful experience at CU, academically and personally, and so we work to create an environment and community where your housing life and your academic life can work together, not against each other.
What is required of Honors RAP participants?
  • In order to successfully fulfill the Mission of the Honors Residential Academic Program, we ask that each Honors RAP student commit to:
  • Take one Honors RAP class in the Fall and another in the Spring semester.
  • Participate in the activities of your flock and in the other announced programs for Honors RAP.
  • Contribute constructively to the civility and inclusivity of Smith Hall and to the culture in which everyone’s academic success is encouraged and supported.
  • Contribute constructively to the decision-making processes of the program and to the evaluation of the program when asked.
How do I register for my Fall Honors RAP course?
  • In June, you will be asked to provide a list of four course preferences for your Honors RAP class.  We will do our best to register you in one of your preferences.
  • Please read all communications carefully and take prompt action.
  • Seats in the Honors RAP classes are filled according to a queue of first-come, first-served based on the date the survey is completed.
  • One strategy that can be used when selecting a course is to think about the General Education requirements.  
  • Students living in the Honors RAP Smith Hall chose their one HRAP class per semester from the Honors RAP schedule.
  • Honors RAP classes can NOT be found in a class search within the registration system.
Can I stay in Honors RAP after my first year in the program?
  • Yes, in fact, we encourage it; it builds a stronger and more diverse student community.  We have some wonderful students who have stayed in Honors RAP until graduation.  To be eligible to return, all you have to do is remain honors qualified (i.e., maintain a 3.3 or better GPA).  Returning students have the opportunity to become part of our student leadership team (see below), and we offer some courses that are upper division credit.
Can I become a student leader in Honors RAP?
  • Yes, as a Flock Leader, an important role in Honors RAP community.  For Flock Leaders, we are looking for returning students who will serve as models for our academic mission and community and who will work as colleagues with other students, faculty and staff in Honors RAP.  Look for Flock Leader applications at the end of the Fall semester.
What is a Flock?
  • Each incoming student is assigned to a group of Honors RAP students; these groups are called Flocks.  Flocks are an important dimension of our social and academic life in Honors RAP, and they contribute to a culture that encourages engagement, academic success, and curiosity.
Am I guaranteed an Honors RAP class while I am in Honors RAP?
  • Yes. Everyone who is accepted into the Honors RAP will be offered a class in the Fall and Spring semesters, most likely one of your four preferences. The courses are small, seminar-style classes available exclusively for HRAP students.
Where will my Honors RAP class be held?
  • Smith Hall, second floor.  We have exclusive use of two comfortable, seminar-style and smart classrooms designed for Honors courses.
Will I have wireless access in Smith Hall?
  • Yes, all of campus is equipped with wireless access.
What is the difference between the Honors RAP and the Honors Program?
  • Honors RAP is a residential component within the Honors Program; thus, as an Honors RAP student you are also an Honors student.
  • First-year Honors RAP students take their Honors courses in Honors RAP, one each in the Fall and Spring semesters.  While we encourage students to return to Honors RAP beyond their first year so as to form an extended Honors RAP student community, many choose to live elsewhere after their first year. Though students not living in Honors RAP cannot take Honors RAP courses, as long as you remain Honors-qualified (3.3 or better GPA), we encourage you to continue your work as an Honors student taking Honors courses in the Norlin Library location.