The Staff Work Environment Guidance for Summer and Fall 2021 has been provided to university officers so that they, with their leadership teams, can assess the best work environment for their staff. Officers have authority to delegate this work to supervisors and managers, but they retain ultimate approval for their unit’s summer and fall work plan. The guidance contains tools to assist units in conducting the assessment and developing their plan. 

Beginning as early as June 1, and once a department has completed its plan following this guidance, departments may begin implementing their plans. This may include returning employees to campus full time, moving employees to hybrid arrangements, or continuing remote arrangements for employees. Many departments will have a combination of these arrangements for their employees within their areas.  

    Guiding Principles

    The following Guiding Principles have been adopted by the campus and provide criteria against which unit decisions should be assessed.  The optimal work environment should:

    • Advance the mission of the campus and affected units
    • Enhance and not detract from the student experience or research and creative work
    • Include planning for impact on diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Include planning for impact on sense of place, community and affinity
    • Increase/maintain hiring, engagement and retention
    • Support the health & wellness of our community
    • Support responsible stewardship of resources
    • Cultivate a work culture built on trust and productivity