Employees at retreat
Employees at retreat
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Human Resources can assist you with a variety of organizational development needs. Our Office for Organizational and Employee Development, in addition to organizational development specialists throughout CU Boulder Human Resources can assist you with a wide range of organizational development endeavors.

Organization development specialists can assist you with challenges in the areas of:

  • Retreat Design and Facilitation

Struggling with what to do at your next staff retreat? Work with our specialists to design and implement a retreat with purpose. We will assist you with defining your goals and desired outcomes, and designing an agenda and related activities to achieve those outcomes.  

  • Team Development and Effectiveness

Teams move through predictable stages of development. We can assist with diagnosing the developmental stage of your team and providing strategies for moving forward. Our specialists can also assist with moving your team through conflict, conducting team launches, and facilitating a range of work to move your team to high performance.

  • Conflict Resolution

We can assist in diagnosing conflict in your organization, recommending strategies for addressing and making progress in conflict, and facilitating to move your group through conflict.

  • Organization Diagnosis and Assessments

Utilizing a variety of models, we can assist you in examining several aspects of your organization.

  • 360 Evaluations

360 evaluations are an effective means of providing valuable feedback and elevating performance. Contact Lauren Harris, Training Manager: Lauren.M.Harris@Colorado.EDU

  • Strategy Development

Considering strategy to move your department forward? Talk with us about our strategy development process.

  • Organization Redesign

Organization redesign – Considering reorganization? Before taking the plunge, let our expert assist you. To consult with us on your organizational development needs, contact Mike Murray, Director, Strategic Initiatives, unless otherwise noted in our description of services.

"My team wanted to send you a huge thank you for your facilitation of the Strengths activity at our retreat on Tuesday. Not only were you a fabulous facilitator who successfully led our group of 14 through an amazing set of activities, but your approach and the discussion you crafted set the tone for an incredibly positive retreat."

"Seriously, the feedback that we received from the retreat was unprecedented. People feel like it moved us in such a positive direction and they were even “hanging around” talking to each other for 15-20 minutes after our Senior Leadership Team meeting yesterday. They attribute it to the retreat and were so very complimentary of you and your facilitation skills." 

Custom Trainings

Looking for staff development tailored to your department? Submit a request for training and our senior training and development specialists will work with you to design a learning opportunity to meet your specific needs. 

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