During fall semester 2020, CU Boulder will continue to offer the flexibility to parents who are working from home to provide childcare as needed. 

The policies on Alternate Work Arrangements and Boulder campus guidance both state the work-from-home arrangements are not intended to be a substitute for family care.  However, the K12 school districts surrounding Boulder have varying plans for the upcoming fall semester, requiring CU Boulder to allow flexibility to parents who are working from home. 

There are a few resources available to parents. 

  1. CU Boulder flexibility – in consultation with the supervisor, a parent may alter working hours to compensate for the needs of children in the home.  For example, an employee does not need to enter leave for the time spent caretaking if that time is made up throughout the day. 
  2. Per the APS 5062 (Section 2,II.A.1.d) under a public health emergency, sick leave may be used if a public official has ordered the closure of the employee’s place of business or the school or place of care of the employee’s child and the employee needs to be absent from work to care for the employee’s child. View leave information on COVID-19 HR Processes page.

CU Boulder will not be altering the Children in the Workplace or Classroom Policy that does not allow children to regularly attend class or be present at work.  In an effort to keep the campus as safe as possible, limiting the population density on campus will continue to be in effect for fall 2020.  Allowing children to be on campus would not contribute to limiting the population density. 

Please contact Human Resources Employee Relations at 303-492-6475 or hrmail@colorado.edu if you have questions about the policies or leave options.