Record Services

The Chancellor has been designated as the Official Custodian of Records for the Boulder Campus. For Open Records Requests please visit the Chancellor's site.

The Department of Human Resources has been given the authority to handle access of personnel records outside of Open Records Requests. Records Services is responsible for maintaining the official personnel records for all classified and exempt professional CU-Boulder and System Administration employees.

Personnel Records

Inquiries regarding personnel records information should be referred to Human Resources Records Services.  Reviewing hours: 

Monday-Friday from 8-11:30am and 12:30-4:00pm  

To Request or Review a File

Employees, supervisor or prospective supervisors may request to view employee's file by:

  • Giving 24 hours notice
  • Calling our Records Services Unit at 303-492-4844

Verification of Employment

Human Resources completes verbal or written verifications for all faculty, staff and student employees for the Boulder campus and System Administration. 

Please Note
Information we will provide is start date, end date, position held and salary, if requested.  This office will not provide reference checks or comment on rehire status of former employees.
  • Phone verifications:  Please call 303-492-3835
  • Written verifications: Send your written requests via fax to 303-492-4491
  • Walk-ins:  Employee are able to see an HR specialist to complete a form needing verifications.
  • On-line:  For immediate on line verifications of employment, create an account using our third party vendor, Employers Unity

A signed authorization form will be required for current or former student employees. We will try and return calls or written requests within 2 business days.

Human Resources Records Services
565 UCB
Boulder, CO. 80309-0565