Faculty in classFaculty are expected to support and promote academic integrity and honor within their classrooms. They are encouraged to refer to the Honor Code on all pertinent materials including syllabi, tests, and other assignments. Faculty are encouraged to discuss the Honor Code periodically in class as it applies to their courses.

Honor Code Faculty Advisor Contact Information 

The Honor Code Faculty Advisor position is currently vacant. Please view the link below if you are interested in this position! If you have any faculty concerns regarding an Honor Code case, please email honor@colorado.edu and we can connect you with appropriate resources.

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The Honor Code Faculty Advisor plays an essential role in the CU Honor Code by working directly with Honor Code Council members on specific cases and faculty concerns. The advisor also serves an important liaison between faculty members and the Honor Code by thoroughly explaining Honor Code policies and procedures and advising faculty members on how to deal with Honor Code violations in their classrooms. The Honor Code is looking for an advisor that can commit 13 hours a month. A more detailed breakdown of the job can be found below:

Standing meetings (~8 hours/month)

  • Weekly meeting with the Honor Council chair (1 hours a week; less frequent in summer)
  • Monthly meeting with the Campus Ethics Committee (1 hour a month during the regular academic year)
  • Ex-Officio member of BFA Student Affairs Committee (1 hour every two weeks during the regular academic year)
  • Monthly meeting with the Honor Council chair and the Staff Adviser (1 hour a month)

Honor Council duties (~2 hours/month)

  • Give Honor Council insight into faculty concerns and perspectives about individual cases where needed, and about the Honor Council process overall
  • Assist the Honor Council in developing changes to its Policies & Procedures that respect faculty autonomy and improve procedures to increase faculty trust in the process
  • Advise Honor Council as requested about other related matters
  • Attend miscellaneous Honor Council events (outreach events, end-of-semester dinners)
  • Provide institutional memory related to the Honor Council

Faculty Outreach (~3 hrs/month)

  • Talk with individual faculty about concerns they have about the Honor Code and the Honor Council process (several hours a week during midterm/finals period; intermittent the remainder of the year, including the summer)
  • Attend additional BFA meetings as needed
  • Educate faculty about the Honor Code, oversee marketing outreach to faculty, and facilitate faculty discussions about the Honor Code

Our office asks the Faculty Advisor to commit to the position for at least two school years. Perks of the position include many laughs, end-of-semester dinners on us, and prospects for resume building and networking not available to other faculty members. This position is an excellent opportunity for tenure-track professors to access a variety of unique resources, or for tenured professors seeking forums in which they impact the CU Boulder community.

If you are interested in the position, please email our office at honor@colorado.edu with your resume and a brief introductory statement detailing your experience with the Honor Code, if any, and why you’d like to serve in such a vital capacity.  

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