The History department's Undergraduate Advisor handles things like registration questions, core questions, graduation packets, transfer questions, freshmen and transfer oritentation. Some questions about transfer, internships, and study abroad may require an additional meeting with the department's Undergraduate Director.

To declare History as a major, students must attend a History major meeting. They are all held in Hellems 220 and last 50 minutes to an hour. Major meetings are not offered during the Summer Session due to Orientation commitments.

 Click here to log into MyHub to sign up for an advising meeting.

Click on the “Change my Major Meeting” button and then choose History from the pull-down menu.  To add the History Minor please see the advisor during walk-in hours.

Waitlisted Courses

Waitlists on most History courses are sequenced to give the highest priority to History majors. Many lists are also sequenced according to class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.). The exception to this policy are the 2000-level core courses which use an automatic (first-come, first-served) waitlist, as they are designed for non-majors. Sequencing means that non-majors may move down on a waitlist as majors are moved up. In general, drop rates tend to be about 10% in any given class, so if you're in a class of 200, there may be as many as 20 drops, and thus that many people may move in from the waitlist. Obviously, in a class of 40, that ratio would drop to 4. If your waitlist position is lower than that tenth percentile, you should probably find a different class. There is no guarantee that you will get into a class from a waitlist, ever.


Flatirons with FlowerThe History Department does not have a policy regarding dropping students for non-attendance in classes, they leave that decision up to individual faculty. It is best to personally drop a class you no longer plan to finish rather than relying on faculty to do so, as faculty may or may not have you dropped, and if you stop attending class withoutofficially dropping, you will receive a grade of "F" in the course at the end of the semester. If you do not plan to continue attending a History course in which you are enrolled, you should drop it yourself via MyCUInfo, or at any Drop/Add location (department office, advisor's office, or the Registrar's office) prior to the final drop deadline. If it is past the drop deadline you will have to petition the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences for a late or retroactive drop, which is a complex process with little chance of success. Therefore we strongly recommend that all students check their schedule before the drop deadline and make sure that it is accurate to avoid having difficulties. Please note that although not dropping for non-attendance is a general rule of thumb in the History department, on occasion, individual faculty may opt to drop students for non-attendance if there are chronic attendance issues. If they choose to do so, they will notify the class of their intent before any action is taken.

Incompletes (IF)

A grade of Incomplete is given at the discretion of individual faculty members. In order to receive a grade of Incomplete in a course, you must discuss your reasons with your professor prior to the completion of the grading cycle, have supporting documentation if requested, and fill out a completion plan which will be kept on file in the department office until you have completed the course. Generally you will have up to one year in which to complete your incomplete, however if a professor requests a shorter completion period, that decision supersedes the one-year norm. If you do not complete the work in the time agreed on, you will receive an "F" for the course.

Grade Posting

Due to legal and privacy considerations, it is University of Colorado policy not to post grades in a public location. To access your History grades, you may use MyCUInfo. Grades are generally available about a week after the last day of finals. You can also request a transcript from the Registrar's Office.

To access your grades, go to: MyCUInfo and follow the instructions you find online. You will need to know your Authentikey Login information.

Plagiarism & Other Academic Dishonesty :

See the Universitiy's Policies on Academic Integrity, and the Honor Code.

Letters of Recommendation:

If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from one of your History professors, please see our Guidelines for Requesting Letters of Recommendation from Faculty.