This section provides basic information about the study of history at the undergraduate level on the Boulder campus. For admissions information, including steps for applying, links to the on line applications and the university’s selection process, contact the Office of Admissions. For specific questions regarding our Undergraduate program not covered somewhere in this website, please contact our advisor.  For ideas about career opportunities open to those with an undergraduate History degree, see our flyer "Why Study History at CU?"

For information on how to change or add History as a major or minor, or for other specific advising questions, see the Undergraduate Advising page.

Suggestions for Structuring a Major in History

Student rides bike on Boulder CampusThe history major is defined in such a way as to allow each student to structure a set of courses which is consistent with his or her individual interests and goals. A successful program in history will be one which has been thought through in advance rather than being a random array of classes which happen to fit into each semester's schedule. For more information, please see our sample schedule in a typical Progression through the major.

Once you have decided upon your area of interest, consider what courses in departments other than history might contribute to a rich yet integrated program. Thus, if you are interested in the history of England, courses in English literature, philosophy, and political science might be helpful. A person focusing on economic history might want to do some work in economics, math, and possibly geography. If you have not yet fulfilled your language requirement and are interested in Latin American History, Spanish might be the ideal language to take.

Note: If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from one of your History professors, please see our Guidelines for Requesting Letters of Recommendation from Faculty.

If you are looking for information on the Certificate in Central and Eastern European Studies, please see their website. The History Department does not administer this program.