Tiffany Beebe
PhD Student
Modern British History

Advisor: Professor Kent • Tiffany Beebe is a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European and British History. Her dissertation explores the experiences of “refugee industrialists,” who were Continental and mostly Jewish refugees who fled Hitler in the 1930s and set up businesses in the "Special Areas" of Britain. Other research interests include the treatment and experiences of minoritized populations, women’s health and welfare, gender/sexuality and queer history, Israel/Palestine, imperialism and decolonization, and nationalism within the British Isles. You can learn more about her research and teaching at

Tiffany completed her B.A. in History at the College of Idaho and her M.A. in Contemporary British History at King’s College London. She enjoy being active in the campus community, and is particularly passionate about helping first generation students navigate college. In her free time she loves making art and music, travel, road trips, gardening, and baking.