The purpose of the HTLP Workshop & Discussions is to bring in expert guests to share their experiences with developing student learning outcomes in history.


Upcoming Guest: 

David Pace

On December 8th, 2017, Dr. David Pace (Professor Emeritus of History at Indiana University) will visit the CU-Boulder History Department to talk about how the Indiana University History Department pursued some of HTLP’s same goals with its History Learning Project (HLP). In particular, Dr. Pace will talk with us about the Decoding the Disciplines paradigm (recently published) he and others developed and used to pursue HLP goals.











Past Guest(s):

Anne Hyde

Dr. Anne Hyde (Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma) visited the CU-Boulder History Department on September 8th, 2017, to discuss her work with the American Historical Association’s Tuning History Project. Dr. Hyde shared the multi-departmental, cross-institutional process involved in developing what came to be known as the History Discipline Core, a document that reflects the common skills, knowledge, and habits of mind particular to the discipline of history. Following Dr. Hyde’s presentation, the History Discipline Core document provided a jumpstart to a robust conversation among the history faculty, leading us to identify issues and generate questions for future consideration.