The HTLP Faculty Working Group consists of 7 faculty members and one graduate student who have volunteered to spend time this academic year investigating teaching challenges and practices. This includes engaging with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in History, thinking about how students learn history in high school and what this means for how we teach them in a college classroom, and devising teaching strategies and assignments that best support the department’s broader student learning outcomes. We also envision the HTLP Working Group as holding an advisory role in determining what pedagogical topics and needs the HTLP should focus on, especially with an eye toward what is in the best interest of the department as a whole.  


HTLP Faculty Working Group, 2017-2018: 

Thomas Andrews

Matthew Gerber

Caroline Grego

Vilja Hulden

Anne Lester

Sungyun Lim

David Paradis

Marcia Yonemoto