Diplomatic History

The journal of record of the field of American foreign relations, Diplomatic History, resided in the University of Colorado Boulder Department of History from 2001-2014 under the editorial leadership of Dr. Robert Schulzinger (emeritus) and Dr. Thomas Zeiler. In August 2014 Diplomatic History moved to Indiana University. Contact information is below:

Diplomatic History
Editors: Nick Cullather and Anne Foster
c/o Indiana University, Bloomington,
1217 E. Atwater Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47401-3703
Email: diplomat@indiana.edu
Web: http://twitter.com/SHAFRDH

East European Quarterly

The East European Quarterly has moved to the Department of Political Science at the Central European University in Frankfurt, Germany.  For information about the current version of the journal, please contact the editors listed on the Quarterly's new website .

From 1967 to 2008, the Quarterly was managed, edited, and published solely by Distinguished Professor Emeritus Stephen Fischer-Galati.  It ceased publication temporarily with vol. 42 (2008), resuming publication in 2015, when it moved to Germany.  The only association the University of Colorado or the Department of History had with the publication was that Dr. Fischer-Galati was emeritus faculty of UCB History and as such allowed to publish under the general aegis of the university.  The Department of History has no files or records associated with the Quarterly.  For copyright clearance on work published in the EEQ between 1967 and 2008, contact the Copyright Clearance Center.  For work published after 2008, contact the editors of the new East European Quarterly.