Graduate Student

Ph.D. Track - Early Modern Europe, Tudor/Stuart England Advisor: Professor Paul Hammer - 

Nik is a Ph.D. candidate whose dissertation, "Parish Business: London Churchwardens and the English Reformation, 1530-1580," explores how the English Reformation unfolded at the parish level in Tudor London.  To date, Nik has undertaken nine months of archival research in London, primarily at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) and The National Archives (TNA).  His project makes use of the State Papers, patent rolls, lay-subsidy rolls, several other Chancery records, and hundreds of early modern wills, and required him to transcribe and type 1,000+ pages of sixteenth-century churchwardens' accounts from three separate City parishes.  Nik has taught three different courses at the University of Colorado (CU): Western Civilization to 1648, European History to 1600, and British History to 1660.  He was a recipient of a 2015-2016 Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award, and has been awarded numerous fellowships, grants, and other honors, including the John K. Rice Fellowship in British History, the Thomas Edwin Devaney Fellowship in the Humanities and Arts, and shorter-term writing and research fellowships from the CU Graduate School and the Huntington Library.  He presented research papers at the Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference (SCSC) in 2015, the North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS) in 2016, and the American Historical Society’s (AHA) annual conference in 2017.  He has also presented at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) in London.  Before coming to CU, Nik earned his MA at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and BA at Gustavus Adolphus College.