Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Department of History

234 UCB

University of Colorado at Boulder

Boulder, CO  80309



Past Courses (please email for syllabi)

HIST 4349: Decolonization of the British Empire (Fall 2015)
IAFS 4500: Culture and Conflict in South Asia (Fall 2015)
HIST 3020: Historical Thinking and Writing (Spring 2015)
HIST 4339: Borderlands of Empire (Fall 2014)
IAFS 4500: Post-Cold War South Asia (Fall 2014)
IAFS 1000: Global Issues and International Affairs (Fall 2009)
IAFS 1000: Global Issues and International Affairs

    (Honors section, Fall 2012)

IAFS/JWST 3650: History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Spring 2013)

IAFS 4500: Post-Cold War South Asia (Spring 2009)

HIST 3133: The Decolonization of the British Empire (Fall 2009)

HIST 4020 (Capstone): Imperialism and Colonialism: The British Empire in India, 1760-1947
            (Spring 2013, team-taught with Prof. Susan Kent)

HIST 4053: Britain and the British Empire (Fall 2003)

HIST 4339: Borderlands of Empire (Fall 2012)
HIST 4349: Decolonization of the British Empire (Fall 2010)

HIST 4538: History of Modern India (Spring 2004)

HIST 5339 (Graduate component of HIST 4339, Fall 2012)

HIST 5349: Graduate component of HIST 5349 (Fall 2010)

HIST 6020: Modern Empires (Fall 2006)

HIST 6628: Readings in South Asian History (Spring 2009)




Work in Progress
Networks of Decolonization: Britain's Withdrawal from South Asia and Palestine (working title)

Selected PublicationsBorders & Conflict In South Asia
"On Creating a 'Palestinian Pakistan,'" Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility (May 2011) 17-18

Borders and Conflict in South Asia: The Radcliffe Boundary Commission and the Partition of Punjab (Manchester UP, 2009)

"Factors Impeding the Effectiveness of Partition in South Asia and the Palestine Mandate," in Order, Conflict, and Violence, ed. Stathis Kalyvas, Ian Shapiro, and Tarek Masoud (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP, 2008): 75-96

"Boundary Commissions as Tools to Safeguard British Interests at the End of Empire," Journal of Historical Geography 34:3 (July 2008) 494-515

"Imperial Cartography in the End of Empire: Map Use During the 1947 Partition of South Asia," in La cartografia europea tra primo Rinascimento e fine dell'Illuminismo, eds. D.R. Curto, A. Cattaneo, and A.F. Almeida (Firenze: L.S. Olschki, 2003)

"The 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary," American Diplomacy 7:1 (Feb 2002)

"The Mapping of Empire: French and British Cartographies of India in the Late Eighteenth Century," Portuguese Studies 16 (October 2000)

"Mapping Imperial Expansion: Colonial Cartography in North America and South Asia," The Portolan 45 (Fall 1999)

Selected Presentations
"'Nothing to Fear:' Links between Nationalists in South Asia and Palestine," British Studies Seminar, University of Texas at Austin (Invited presentation) (Feb 2008)

"Policymakers and Nationalists: Biography and Empire in India and Palestine," Decolonization Roundtable, Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington, DC (Jan 2008)

"'The Caliphate Bogey:' Pan-Islamic Identities in South Asia and the Palestine Mandate," Anglo-American Conference of Historians, Institute of Historical Research, London, UK (Jul 2007)

"'Little Commissions Set up Lesser Commissions:' Comparing the Role of Boundary Commissions in British India and the Palestine Mandate," International Boundaries Research Unit conference, Durham, UK (April 2006)

"Indian Opinion and British Bayonets in the End of the Palestine Mandate," Humboldt Foundation Conference on Power and Principle, St. John's College, Cambridge University (May 2005)

"(Not) Resolving Religious Conflict in South Asia and the Middle East: British Attempts to Impose Order," International Conference on Order, Conflict, and Violence, Yale University, New Haven, CT (April-May 2004)

"Competing Cartographies: Indian and Pakistani Maps of Kashmir," International Conference on the History of Cartography, Portland, ME (June 2003)

"Mass Violence and the Indo-Pakistani Boundary in the 1947 Partition of Punjab," Sawyer Seminar on Mass Violence and Genocide, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA (December 2002)

"Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary," International Security Program, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (October 2002)

"The Radcliffe Commission: Cartography, Carnage, and the Roots of Indo-Pakistani Conflict" at Foreign Service Institute, Washington, DC (Invited presentation) (January 2002)

"Imperial Cartography in the End of Empire" at conference on "The Making of European Cartography," Florence, Italy (Invited presentation) (December 2001)


Selected Outreach

A Brief History of Darfur (STAND, Midwest Regional Conference, Jan 2007)