Thanks to a grant from CU's Undergraduate Education Development Program, the History Department has hired Natalie Mendoza to lead a department-wide project to rethink and improve undergraduate history pedagogy, an effort that we are calling the History Teaching & Learning Project (HTLP)

The overriding purposes of the HTLP are to rethink and to improve undergraduate history pedagogy by engaging in a systematic, department-wide discussion and assessment of: what student learning objectives in history should be; how we teach our courses and how we might improve our pedagogy by engaging with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in History; how we might refresh our major to better reflect the outcomes of these discussions; and how we can better communicate the value of an undergraduate education in history to our students and the public at large. 

HTLP's goals for year one include:

1) to create vertical alignment (i.e., curricular alignment at the departmental level): a) develop a set of student learning outcomes (SLOs); b) develop effective teaching practices to support those SLOs; and c) use assessments that best measure student learning.

2) to reconfigure the major pathway by embedding the SLOs in the course sequence (i.e., curriculum mapping), with the express purpose of scaffolding SLO instruction across courses and in ascending levels of sophistication over several semesters of major coursework.