Robert Frost StatueAt the University of Colorado at Boulder, history graduatestudents are trained in the central principles and research methods that characterize the discipline of History through class instruction and professional development seminars, and also gain a thorough grounding in their particular area of study. MA candidates may undertake fields of study in: Medieval Europe; Early Modern Europe; Modern Europe; United States to 1877; and United States since 1865.

Master of Arts candidates can chose from two courses of study, a thesis or non-thesis option, and there are also many opportunities for students to participate in Dual_MA_Programs with the departments of  Asian Languages & Civilizations, French, and Religious Studies.

The Department of History also offers a MA program in Asian History, where students may pursue graduate-level studies in: Early Modern and Modern East Asia (China and/or Japan); pre-modern South Asia; modern South Asia; and pre-modern or modern Asia.

For further information, including the requirements for the MA program, please consult the MA Guidelines