Graders normally grade exams and papers, meet with students during office hours, and may give an occasional supervised lecture. To apply for a gradership, students should request an application from the Graduate Secretary before the beginning of the semester in which they wish to be considered.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants assist professors in large lecture courses. An assistant usually meets with students once a week in a small discussion section, grades examinations and papers, meets with students during office hours, and gives an occasional lecture. A TA evaluation will be made by the professor instructing the class, and the report will be placed in the student's file.

Graduate Part-Time Instructors

Graduate Part-Time instructors are normally advanced doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive examination. To provide teaching experience, duties involve complete responsibility for one or more sections of an undergraduate course. For most instructors, this will mean a 1000-level U.S. or European history survey course. Experienced GPTI's may also propose a 2000-level course in the area of their research specialty.

First-time GPTIs are required to present a course syllabus to their advisor for approval. The syllabus must include a basic textbook, a list of other required readings, a schedule of lectures, provision for three student examinations and/or papers, and a description of any other written work. A graduate student normally will have served for at least one semester as a Teaching Assistant previous to any GPTI appointment.

During the first year of appointment, each GPTI's class will be visited by his or her advisor and by a member of the Graduate Studies Committee. In subsequent years, the advisor will continue to monitor the GPTI's progress. Each visitor will prepare a written evaluation of the student's teaching. A copy of the evaluation will go to the Director of Graduate Studies for inclusion in the student's file.

To be eligible for an appointment, an applicant must be a full-time student in good standing. In order to be in good standing while a grader, TA or GPTI, a student must register for and complete at least six hours of graduate course work. The department requires that TAs and GPTIs participate regularly each semester in the Graduate Teacher Program. Ordinarily, no one may be a GPTI for more than eight semesters.

Sources of External Funding:

The Newberry Consortium has several funding opportunities for graduate students interested in American Indian Studies.

The following documents may be of assistance to graduate students seeking additional funding sources.