Dr. Martin Babicz photograph

Martin Babicz

Martin Babicz received his PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His primary field of study is the Early United States. He has recently co-authored a book with Thomas Zeiler, National Pastime: U.S. History Through Baseball (American Ways Series) Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 1, 2017), which documents the linkages between baseball’s evolution and United States history

S. Christopher Baker

Education: Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder Fields of Study: US History

Colleen Berry

Asian Studies
Colleen Berry is the Associate Director and an Instructor in CU's Asian Studies Program. She was bitten by the Chinese bug while attending college. She spent several years in Taiwan studying Mandarin before receiving an MA from the Jackson School at the University of Washington where she focused on modern Chinese history and politics. She then led tours in China for twelve years before and during her Ph.D. work in...
Dr. Andrew DeRoche photograph

Andrew DeRoche

Education: Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder Fields of Study: US History
Steven Dike photograph

Steven Dike

History and Honors
Education: Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder Fields of Study: US History Research interests include labor and working class history, intellectual history, cultural history, the history of Puerto Rico, and the history of poverty in America.

John Grenier

John Grenier specializes in U.S. military history. He received his BA from Colorado State University, his MA from the University of North Dakota, and his PhD from the University of Colorado Boulder. He has previously taught at the United States Air Force Academy, and consulted for US Department of Defense agencies on classified and unclassified intelligence and communication systems, research projects, and Professional Military Education curricula development and instruction. His...
Dr. John Hatch photograph

John Hatch

Education: Ph.D. University of California, Irvine Fields of study: Russian History, Central and Eastern Europe
Natalie Mendoza

Natalie Mendoza

History Post-Doctoral Associate
Natalie Mendoza is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and project lead for the History Teaching & Learning Project (HTLP) at CU-Boulder , a pedagogy project focused on re-thinking undergraduate curriculum. Prior to earning her PhD in US history at UC Berkeley, Natalie taught high school history in Northern California. At Berkeley she wrote her dissertation on the impact of the Good Neighbor Policy and WWII on the relationship between the federal...

Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz specializes in the history of Modern Europe and the British Empire. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he graduated with a BA from the University of Notre Dame, an MA from Florida Atlantic University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Samanthis Smalls

History Post-Doctoral Fellow
Samanthis Smalls is a visiting post-doctoral fellow specializing in African American history.
Prof. Peter H. Wood photograph

Peter H. Wood

Adjunct Faculty
Education: Ph.D. Harvard University Early America, African America, Native American, History of Documentary Film