Office hours will be posted each term as soon as they are made available by faculty. If there are no hours for a specific faculty member displayed on the list, it indicates that they have not yet supplied their office hours to us for the current term. Faculty who are on sabbatical or other form of leave from the University will show the word 'Leave' in the hours column.

History Department Fall 2018 Office Hours (Adobe .pdf format)

"ABA" (in the Acrobat document above) means "And By Appointment." Faculty make their own appointments- call or email them directly.

Regular semester office hours begin the same week as classes, and most faculty do not hold office hours after the last day of classes or during semester breaks. Hours are subject to cancellation without notice due to illness, weather, and personal issues.

E-Mail Addresses: You can reach most of our faculty via e-mail by using the naming convention: where 'firstname' is the professor's first name and 'lastname' is the professor's last name. If their email does not follow this rule, the correct e-mail will be indicated after the office hours on the linked .pdf above.

For Undergraduate Advising hours, please see our Undergraduate Advising page.

SUMMER NOTES: Faculty hold Summer office hours only during the term they are teaching (i.e., Maymester, A-Term or B-Term). Faculty who are not teaching in Summer generally do not have office hours at all.  If you are trying to contact someone who is not teaching, it is best to send them an email.