November 9, 12 noon
Duane Physics G116 (computer lab)

Scott Weingart

Indiana University / Carnegie Mellon University

Social networks workshop

Abstract: Might your research benefit from network analysis? Does it involve groups of collected people, or maybe groups of cooccurring phenomena/texts/things? Come learn what you can do with networks and how to actually create them from data in this hands-on workshop! Using plenty of examples and exercises, we will examine where network analysis is useful and how to use the available tools. If you have never done network analysis before, never fear! You are still welcome (and it is much less difficult than you think). We will be using the popular and intuitive social network analysis software NodeXL and Gephi; the computer lab where we'll meet has these preinstalled.

RSVPs (not obligatory but welcome) to Vilja Hulden,

Scott Weingart is finishing his Ph.D. in information science and history of science at Indiana University, and will join Carnegie Mellon University as the university's first digital humanities specialist. His website is He is a historian of science and one of the authors of the Historian's Macroscope, a textbook for beginning digital historians. His other publications include work on visualization, computational analysis of fairytales, and archaeological networks, among other things.