Published: Feb. 16, 2016
Mithi Mukherjee

Professor Mithi Mukherjee has been awarded an ACLS fellowship for 2016-2017 to work on her book-in-progress, The Asian Jurist and the Empire: Radhabinod Pal, Anticolonialism, and the Counter Discourse of International Law.

Professor Mukherjee specializes in the legal, political, and cultural history of modern India. Her interests include colonialism and nationalism, law and empire, human rights, comparative constitutionalism and democracy, gender, poststructuralism, postcolonial theory, and subaltern histories. She is the author of India in the Shadows of Empire: A Legal and Political History, 1774-1950 published by Oxford University Press in 2010.  Her other publications include “Transcending Identity: Gandhi, Nonviolence, and the Pursuit of a ‘Different’ Freedom in Modern India” in the American Historical Review, 115:2 (April 2010), 453-473,  “A World of Illusion: The Place of Empire in India’s Foreign Relations, 1947-1962” in the International History Review, 32:2 (June, 2010), and  “Justice, War, and the Imperium: India and Britain in Edmund Burke's Prosecutorial Speeches in the Impeachment Trial of Warren Hastings” in Law and History Review, 23:3 (Fall 2005), 589-630.

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