Let’s Talk is a free service where CU Boulder students can stop by for an informal and confidential consultation with a counselor. No appointment necessary; students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis at various Let's Talk locations across campus. 

Let’s Talk counselors can help provide insight, solutions and information about additional resources.

Students commonly visit with concerns about stress, sadness, worry, relationships, academic performance, family problems and financial struggles. 

Please note: This service is not a substitute for formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment.

Let’s Talk is especially helpful for students who:

  • Aren’t sure about counseling or wonder what it’s like to talk with a counselor;
  • Aren’t interested in ongoing counseling but would like the perspective of a counselor;
  • Have a specific problem and would like someone with whom to talk it through; or,
  • Have a concern about a friend or family member and would like ideas about what to do.

Let's Talk is a service of Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).

Let’s Talk consultations are confidential except for the following situations: mental health emergencies, an immediate threat of harm to self or others, and situations where someone discloses that a minor, elderly person, or someone otherwise incapacitated and unable to act on their own behalf is being abused.

Records are not kept for Let’s Talk consultations. The only information you will be asked to complete is demographic information that allows us to understand the student populations we are serving.

When you arrive, you will fill out some demographic information. The counselor will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources.

No. Let’s Talk is a brief consultation with a counselor that is not a substitute for formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Your Let’s Talk counselor can help you determine whether formal counseling through CAPS would be helpful and, if appropriate, assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Counselors at CAPS provide ongoing counseling, which usually consists of regularly scheduled 45-minute appointments. Let’s Talk is not formal counseling: it is a drop-in service where students can have an informal consultation with a counselor from time to time.

  • Let’s Talk is a brief consultation.
  • Let’s Talk asks for demographic information only and keeps no identifying records of consultations.
  • Let’s Talk takes place outside of CAPS.
  • Let’s Talk is free and available on a walk-in basis during designated hours (no appointment necessary).

Absolutely. The Let’s Talk counselor will talk through your issues with you and help you determine the best way to move forward. If you enjoy working with the Let’s Talk counselor, there may be a possibility to meet with them. If you feel comfortable with the counselor consultant, it is sometimes possible to meet with them at CAPS in an on-going way, or they can help you get connected with someone with whom you would like to work.

Students come in with a variety of concerns; no topic is off limits. Concerns often include stress, relationship concerns, academic performance, decision-making, financial struggles, worry, and family problems.

Yes! All Let’s Talk locations are open to any CU Boulder student.

Staff and faculty members who have concerns about a student can meet with a Let’s Talk counselor for suggestions and resources for helping the student.

Counseling for staff and faculty is available through the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program.

Let’s Talk is not a replacement for counseling. If you'd like to meet with your CAPS counselor sooner than your next appointment, it is best to contact your counselor directly or call the CAPS main office at 303-492-2277.

If you are feeling desperate or thinking about suicide, or you’re afraid for the well-being of someone you know, you can call CAPS at 303-492-2277. After-hours phone support is available 24/7.