Fall Insurance:

The Fall 2020 portal will open June 8, 2020.

Insurance portal has not yet opened.

Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, CU Boulder will be partnering with Specialty Insurance Solutions (SIS) to administer the insurance waiver and enrollment process. Students will receive email communications regarding insurance from SIS through their official CU Boulder student email accounts. All insurance requirements must be submitted through the online SIS portal before a student’s first semester at CU Boulder and at the beginning of each academic year.

If you have insurance…

We now accept and bill private insurance plans. You can submit proof of current health insurance coverage through the SIS insurance waiver portal. In order to submit an insurance waiver, you will need to have their insurance ID card information. If covered by a parent or spouse, you will also need to know the primary cardholder’s date of birth. Waiver applications are due by February 5 and must be submitted your first semester and in the fall of each academic year.

If you need insurance…

Students taking 6+ undergraduate credits or 1+ graduate credits are eligible to enroll in the CU Boulder Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for $1,874 per semester. Gold SHIP provides year-round coverage that begins August 18. Students will be able to start using their insurance on this date if they enroll by the August 1 deadline. If students wait until the final deadline on February 5, coverage may be delayed.