All students are required to have health insurance while attending CU Boulder. Students may enroll in health insurance coverage through CU Boulder or, if they have existing insurance, they may waive coverage from CU Boulder. Students must meet this requirement their first semester at CU Boulder and update their information each fall.

CU Boulder is partnering with Specialty Insurance Solutions (SIS) to administer the insurance waiver and enrollment process. Students will receive email communications regarding insurance from SIS through their official CU Boulder student email accounts. All insurance requirements must be submitted through the online SIS portal before a student’s first semester at CU Boulder and at the beginning of each academic year.

Insurance Enrollment or Waiver Dates

The insurance portal opens December 15 to students who are registered for classes for the Spring 2021 semester.

Students must Enroll or Waive Coverage by February 12.

IMPORTANT: If you do not take action to WAIVE or ENROLL by the deadline, your student account will be automatically charged and enrolled in the CU Gold SHIP.

Enroll in Health Insurance Coverage

Students taking six (6) or more undergraduate credits or one (1) or more graduate credits are eligible to enroll in the CU Boulder Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for $1,948 per semester. Gold SHIP provides year-round coverage that begins August 1. The sooner a student enrolls in the Gold SHIP, the sooner the student can begin utilizing their benefits.  If a student waits to be enrolled until the deadline, they may have difficulty accessing their benefits on the August 1 effective date.

Enroll in CU Gold SHIP

Waive Health Insurance Coverage

We now accept and bill private insurance plans. You can submit proof of current health insurance coverage through the SIS insurance waiver portal. In order to submit an insurance waiver, you will need to have their insurance ID card information. If covered by a parent or spouse, you will also need to know the primary cardholder’s date of birth. Waiver applications are due by February 12 and must be submitted your first semester and in the fall of each academic year.

Submit an Insurance Waiver

Insurance coverage requirements

If a student elects coverage under an insurance plan outside of CU Boulder, their health insurance must meet the following requirements:

  • Essential Health Benefits: Plans must comply with essential health benefits as outlined on
    • Colorado coverage: If you are an out-of-state student, please contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage in Colorado.
    • Coverage Timeframe: Coverage must be active the first day of classes and remain active throughout the academic year. 
    • US Based Company: The insurance company must be owned and operated within the United States.
    • Unlimited Benefits: Plans must have unlimited benefits.
    • Pre-existing Condition Limits: Plans cannot have pre-existing condition limitations.