A confidential health record is created for you after your first visit. Health information cannot be released without your written consent unless mandated by law.  Medical and mental health records are not included in the general university record system.

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Releasing Your Information

If you have had at least one appointment with Wardenburg Health Services (WHS) and would like to release your medical information to yourself or to another person/clinic, please complete the electronic “Authorization to Release Records from Wardenburg” form through the MyCUHealth portal.  Records are processed within 3 business days.

If you would a family member or other health care provider to be able to speak with your Wardenburg provider please complete the “Consent for Verbal Communication with WHS Provider” form also in the the MyCUHealth portal.

Contact Information 
Phone: 303-735-2068
Fax: 303-492-4875
Location: Wardenburg Health Center, third floor

Prior Medical History

We recommend that any student with a chronic medical condition have their doctor's office send a copy of pertinent medical records to Wardenburg Health Center.

Please also complete the Medical History form online through the MyCUHealth portal.