Four students in masks playing spike ball on the grass.

Making friends in college can be harder than it looks, especially in the age of physical distancing and increased precautions. One way to make friends on campus this semester is to get involved and find people who have similar interests. After that, it’s all about making plans to hang out again and getting to know each other. 

Here are some ways to make (and keep) friends if you enjoy...

 The great outdoors

Meet people:
The Outdoor Program at the Rec Center offers a number of trips, courses and opportunities to learn about the outdoors, go exploring and meet new people. There are also a number of student organizations that focus on outdoor activities and recreation. Consider signing up for a class, trip or club to get involved and meet fellow outdoor Buffs. 

Make plans: 

 Reading books

Meet people:
The Center for Student Involvement recently launched a book club program where students can read about leadership, diversity and inclusion or enjoy New York Times Best Sellers. Sign up for a book club that interests you to meet other book lovers.

Make plans:

  • Visit some of the CU Boulder Library exhibits
  • Explore Boulder by visiting the Free Little Libraries around town
  • Create a book exchange with friends on campus or with people back home
  • Start your own book club (virtually or in a small group with physical distancing and face coverings)
  • Attend an author reading or social event through the Boulder Public Library

 Playing sports

Meet people:
The Rec Center is offering a variety of Intramural (IM) Sports leagues this semester, including tennis, backyard games, soccer and basketball shootouts, a virtual 10K and more. Students can also join one of the 30 Sport Clubs on campus to participate in team events and practices.

Make plans:

  • Join a student organization that plays sports
  • Create a fitness challenge and compete with a few friends on the Outdoor Fitness Court (limited to 7 at a time)
  • Watch sporting events with your roommate(s) or a small group of friends on TV


Meet people: 
CU Boulder has a large gaming community! Meet fellow gamers by joining CU Gaming or sign up for an Esports intramural league through the Rec Center.

Make plans:

 Do it yourself projects

Meet people:
If you want to meet other makers, join the Center for Student Involvement for a DIY Night! They also offer Guided Paint Classes for all levels. These events are a great way to meet fellow crafters.

Make plans:

  • Enlist your roommate to help decorate your space
  • Attend a local Boulder Meetup to work on projects or hang out with crafters
  • Work together on a TikTok DIY project and post your results
  • Visit local craft stores to get inspired

For a full list of student events happening this semester visit

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