Community Building and Civic Engagement

The Guardian Scholars annual fall retreat was recently reimagined as an opportunity to build community while serving low-income communities and families.  In 2015, Scholars participated in a three-day service-learning retreat in Greeley, CO.  They volunteered with Habitat for Humanity alongside families who had received a home and were assisting in the construction of their new home.  During the day, students discussed the impacts of organizations like Habitat for Humanity on children and families, and what situations exist in Greeley, CO that cause the need for organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  In the spring, students volunteeered at Wesley Chapel in Boulder, CO.  Wesley Chapel runs the Peanut Butter N' Lovin initiative, which seeks to break down barriers berween the visibly homeless and university students thorugh dialogue and sharing a meal.  In addition, students volunteered with the Medicine Horse Program, which uses equine-assisted experiences to enhance quality of life of vulnerable youth, families, and adults.

Other Program Offerings​​

  • Welcome Back Event
  • Welcome back school supplies
  • Monthly Community Dinners
  • CU Family Weekend Commuity Dinners with mentors, family members, & friends
  • Chancellor's Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Emergency Fund
  • Food insecurity support 
  • CU Family Weekend
  • Care Packages 4 times a year (August, October, December & April)
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Move-in day assistance
  • Tax filing referrals
  • Budgeting/financial literacy
  • Service Initative Fall Retreat
  • Day of Service in the Spring