The Classroom as Sanctuary: Preparing for Change in Higher Education

March 11th, 2017

Hale Science Building

Faculty from institutions in the COPFF Network will the classroom as sanctuary in changing times. 

All attendees should sign in at each workshop in order to earn credit toward Graduate Teacher Program teaching and professional development certificates.

Please: Do not enter sessions late or leave early.

Workshop Room Key:

 270 Hale

230 Hale

 240 Hale 

COPFFN 2017 Schedule PDF

The COPFFN Forum will be held in the Hale Science Building (rooms 270, 230, 240, & 260). 

Main Campus - Hale Science Building  (Driving Directions)
1350 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 
Room: 270

The Hale Science building address is 1350 Pleasant Street. It is located near the northwest corner of main campus, off Broadway and University Avenue. Buses along Broadway are the Skip and Dash and they stop at the UMC and Euclid and next to Hale on Pleasant street. The bus schedules.

Graduate student participants and presenters may easily access The Hill District for additional lunch and dining options.