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Willy Wilkinson
5pm, Friday, March 10th
Wittemyer Room, Wolf Law

 a voice for cultural competency

TRANSformational Resistance with an Intersectional Lens

As we organize our communities in response to fascism, is the vision to resist or transform? What struggles do we face as trans folks in the US and worldwide? How are our issues as trans people interconnected to other marginalized groups that are under attack? What are our responsibilities and opportunities at this challenging time? Join the author of the Lambda Literary Award winning book Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency for a thought-provoking conversation punctuated by dynamic book excerpts. We’ll explore how we claim our right to be seen and affirmed as our true selves despite ongoing assessments and dismissals of our authenticity, and how we can take care of ourselves so we’re strong for the fight.


Elle Hearns

Elle Hearns

Invisible Life: Choosing to be seen

2:00pm, Saturday, March 11th

Wittemeyer room, Wolf Law

Friday, March 10th, 2:00-3:15pm



Sara Connell

Sara will discuss issues of transgender oppression and sexism, focusing on how these

two forces combine to create a specific type of anti-trans feminine oppression called

“transmisogyny.” Transmisogyny affects transgender women, transfeminine people, and

any nonbinary person with feminine or perceived feminine traits.  Transmisogyny is a

powerful tool for undermining trans communities, and often remains unchecked, even

within LGBTQ spaces.  We will also cover a general overview of the different levels of

oppression, from ideological to internalized, and discuss how we can disrupt these

systems in our daily lives.


Ask a Trans Person for Cisgender (non-transgender) People

Cassandra Noice

An open forum for asking questions about the trans experience.  Designed for cisgender

people to ask questions they otherwise might be afraid to ask.  This will be a safe space

to make mistakes on how to phrase things and ask questions that you have been holding

back or just always wanted to know.


Sex Ed for ALL: Trans Inclusion

Karly Steffens, Garrett Rose

Have you ever wondered what sexuality education would look like if it was centered around

trans and gender nonconforming people?  Everyone deserves to learn about

sexual health in a way that is relevant to their body, identity and experience.  In this

workshop, we aim to create a discussion about sexual health and decision making, that is

truly inclusive and normalizes trans and queer experiences.  This will be an opportunity to

create and use gender inclusive language to talk about bodies and sexual activities.  This shis for trans and gender nonconforming folks, their partners, potential partners,

friends and allies. 

NOTE: This workshop may include explicit language about sexual activity and anatomy.


Introduction to Nonbinary Gender Identities

Oliver Stagliano, Erin Moriarty, Danny Sussman

Genderqueer?  Genderfluid?  Agender?  Discussions of transgender identities and issues

are often limited to binary identities, but this presentation will help shed some light on

the community of people who identify outside of the gender binary.  With explanations

of pronouns, gender expression, and allyship, this will also be a safe space to ask any

question you may have regarding trans identities and experiences outside of the binary.


Transgender Bathrooms: The Battle against Antiquated Building Codes

Erik Akia, Angel Fathy, Liam Fisher

A presentation on how building codes are limiting our ability to advance transgender

equality of our campus and what needs to happen to change it.  We will present what

the current codes are, in regards to bathrooms, and present research created from the

student body of CU Boulder’s campus.  We will look at other campus’ response to

adapting to modern gender identifications and what needs to happen in order to

change building codes to allow for gender-neutral restrooms.


Friday, March 10th, 3:30-4:45pm

Academic Panel: Decolonizing Transgender Studies and Advocacy

Scarlet Bowen, Moderator

Drawing on comparative ethnic studies, decolonial theorists, and queer theory, the

three presenters discuss the importance of using a variety of intersectional tools to

dismantle gender binaries and make room for trans and nonbinary identities as being

always in process and also at risk in unique ways.

-Ximena Keogh, “Figurations of Birth, Loss, and Embodied Fragmentation in Jill Soloway’s


-Jasmine Suryawan, “Straying from the Path: Nonbinary Gender Identity, Queer Futurity,

and Decolonial Method.”

-Bonnie Cox, “Queering Intimate Partner Violence.”


“As One”: a Chamber Opera with a Transgender Protagonist

Selena Wellington

As One is a chamber opera in which two voices- Hanna after (mezzo-soprano) and Hannah

before (baritone)-share the part of a sole transgender protagonist.  Fifteen songs comprise

the three-part narrative. With empathy and humor, they trace Hannah’s experiences from

her youth in a small town to her college years on the West Coast, and finally to Norway where

she is surprised at what she learns about herself.  The opera has received eight productions

around the country and in Berlin since it was produced and commissioned by America

Opera Projects at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The presentation will include video

scenes from the original production of the opera and a short narrative about the creation

of the work.


The Agency of Poetry: How Your Narrative is Healing and Revolutionary

Ayla Sullivan

When living a marginalized identity, our existence in itself is revolutionary because we

are proof that we survived, despite it all.  Spoken word poetry is one of many tools to

unlock language about our personal experiences in order to heal, advocate, and celebrate

for ourselves.  Join 2017 Denver Youth Poet Laureate, Ayla Sullivan, in a poetry workshop

that seeks to highlight how we can heal and celebrate our trans and nonbinary bodies

through documenting our stories in a spoken word form.


Voice and Communication Training for Transgender Individuals

Jen Walentas Lewon, MS, CCC-SLP, Shelley Sheppeck, MA

This workshop is intended for individuals interested in voice training, as well as

service providers, support persons, or community members that may support or

interact with the trans community. Voice and other speech/language/communication

behaviors are important factors in our perception of gender.  Individuals going through

transition may seek training to modify their voice or communication behaviors. 

This workshop will include:

-Education regarding voice and communication specific to trans individuals

-Interactive demonstration of voice assessment tasks and voice training techniques

-Education regarding the community and online resources for vocal health



Transgender 101

Peer Education Team, Gender and Sexuality Center

Do you need a better understanding of what transgender means?  Have a hard time

with all these new terms around transgender identities?   Come and learn more about

what it means to be trans or nonbinary.  This session is aimed toward cisgender

(non-trans) people but all are welcome as it is a great way to learn more about your

own identity or how to explain these concepts to others.


Friday, March 10th, 5:00-6:15pm

Keynote:  Willy Wilkinson


Saturday, March 11th, 10:00-11:15am

Addressing Our Fear, Grief and Ignorance on the Path to Acceptance:

A Conversation for Parents and Allies

Karen Axe, Reaca Pearl, Erik Kluzek

When a parent learns that their child is transgender, whether it happens when they

are 3 or 30, there is often a huge learning curve.  For some there are only questions

about the process, for others there is a whole new level of learning and facing fears

they didn’t know they could have.  Our panel of parents from the Colorado support

group Trans Youth Education and Support/PFLAG will briefly share their personal

stories and invite a dialogue with the audience.


This open discussion will be designed specifically for non-transgender parents and

other loved ones who want to be supportive but worry about making a mistake or

inadvertently hurting a loved one.  All questions are welcome*.


*Since this is designed to be a safe place for non-transgender people to ask questions, it may

not feel like a safe place for transgender folx.  Please use self-care when deciding whether or

not to attend this session and know that there may be unintentionally insensitive questions in

these individuals’ efforts to learn.


Helping your Client Navigate their Gender Identity Journey

Dara Hoffman-Fox

Are you a mental health professional who is feeling uncertain as how to best support

a client who is questioning their gender identity?  In this session, practical tools and

methods are provided that you can begin to use right away with your gender questioning

clients.  This process is broken up into the stages of Preparation, Reflection and Exploration,

which can be found in more detail in my book You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to

Discovery (2016).  By the end of the session you will walk away feeling more capable and

confident in your ability to assist clients who are questioning their gender identity.


Facilitating and Organizing a Peer-led Transgender Support Group

Jennifer Molde

This workshop will address facilitating and organizing a transgender support group as

a peer and non-therapist.  We will go over how to make people feel welcome, create a

space that is as safe as possible, how to enforce boundaries and rules, resolve conflict,

recruit and train new facilitators, address issues with different gender identities,

generational differences and the benefits of not segregating different gender identities

into different groups.


Faith, Radical Love, Activism and Intersecting Identities: Trans

Faith Leaders

Sunshine Wolfe, Nicole Garcia

Revs. Nicole Garcia and Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe, who both identify as trans, will

join in conversation to explore what it means to be people of faith in our current

socio-political context.  They will share their experiences of faith-based activism,

how they have been shaped by and continue to shape progressive communities of

faith- as well as how radical love and welcome can impact religious communities

for the better.  This panel will include ample time for Q&A.


The Binary Serves No One

Beit Gorski

The idea that gender (OR sex!) occurs along a spectrum between two “opposite”

binary ends, is one that harms us all- trans and cis alike.  This inclusive 101 focuses

on demonstrating the harm caused by illogical and exclusive binary spectrum

concepts of both gender and biological sex.  We will cover intersex experiences as

well as genderqueer, gender fluid, nonbinary gender experiences- both distinguishing

them from each other and exploring overlaps.  There is room for everyone!


Saturday, March 11th, 11:20-12:35


Impact of Settler Colonialism and Christianity on the Two Spirit People

Trudie Jackson

American Indian Two Spirit had a rich history in tribal communities, but due to

Federal Indian Policies, settler colonialism, and Christianity, they are shunned and

discriminated within their own tribal communities.  The were once revered as storng

community leaders and contributors in ceremonies.  As a Diné (Navajo) Fifth Gender

person, I will give a brief overview of the oral stories of the Separation of the Sexes,

Changing Women, and prominent Diné figures such as Hasteen Klah.  I will share my own personal

story, as an emerging scholar in the academy identifying with the Fifth

Gender, overcoming many obstacles to be where I am today, as a proud Diné

transgender woman balancing and walking in Two Worlds.


Intergenerational Trans Voices Panel

Marika Barth, Jennifer Molde, Giavoni Riley, Zak Remington, Razz Terizzi,

Dana Wallingford, Ravyn Wayne

What is the current state of intergenerationality in trans communities, what is the

potential impact of it and how can we foster the development of it in positive ways? 

Join a panel of trans individuals ranging from 16 to 60 in order to discuss these

questions in depth and spark conversation.


Coping with Loss Through Transition

Fawn Oates

Gender transition can be a whirlwind of emotional experiences, both for the person

transitioning and for their friends and family members.  Come to a better

understanding of these experiences by giving space and acceptance to the feelings of

loss that accompany any significant life change.  Gain concrete understandings of the

source of our reactions and ways to gain emotional growth and resilience through

difficulties, rather than simply face trauma and fear.


Tips for Being Trans and Teen

Lisa Wallace

This session, designed by teens for teens, will facilitate a discussion around advice and

tips for being a transgender teenager in today’s world.  We will address issues that teens

might face at school, at home, in the workplace or in public.  We will talk about ways we

have found to support ourselves and create a space for other youth to share their own



Supporting Trans* and Gender Nonconforming Youth: Lessons

from their Teachers

Elizabeth J. Meyer

This session will offer a rich and detailed knowledge-base, grounded in the work of a

three-year social action research project in Canada that included self-directed group work

with parents of TGC youth, interviews with educators who have worked directly with TGC

students, and focused political action.  Attendees will learn more about social action

research and self-directed group work and how it generates knowledge and action. 

Specific outcomes from this project included: establishing a national non-profit advocacy

organization, recommendations for pre-service teacher education and professional

development activities and educational and social policy reforms- all designed

collaboratively with participants- in order to help create social contexts that are more

explicitly inclusive and affirming of gender diversity.


Parenting as Trans

Rafi Daugherty

A family friendly meet up for trans or nonbinary parents and their kids.  Join us for stories,

crafts, and discussions.


Saturday, March 11th, 12:45-2:00pm


Unlearning Racism

Sam Bullington

Since the election, many are wondering how we got here and what to do next.  Come

explore how to critically examine, resist, and transform dominant cultural values around

race.  This session is led by a white person who believes that racism is a dysfunction of

white people that white people are responsible for healing. 


Writing our Queerstory: Using Art and Media to Document our Narratives

Manny Cabanas, Cecelia Rodriguez, Maresol Gurevitz

As a group of young people of color, Buried Seedz of Resistance (BSeedz) believes all of

us are sacred. In this workshop we will share about the never-ending world of gender

expression for trans, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, drag royalty, and 2spirit people

through art and media creation.  We know that our community members continue to be

criminalized in the mainstream media, thus, this workshop focuses on sharing creative

tools and building strategies for documenting our personal and community narratives. 

Using art and media as weapons of our resistance, we will come together through poetry,

video, digital art, make-up, performance and other forms of expression.


Changing Standards in Mental Health Assessment for Hormone Replacement

Therapy (HRT)/Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS)

Avilio Vieira

Individuals seeking HRT/GRS have been frustrated by requirements for referral letters

from mental health professionals.  Seen as a barrier to care, or gatekeeping in the worst

cases, and an annoying hurdle to cross in the best; the Standards of Care can often be

misunderstood by professionals and patients alike.  This workshop covers the shift in

mental health assessment for HRT/GRS interventions, the history of WPATH Standards

of Care and the DSM V’s approach to Gender Dysphoria to meet SOC criteria moving

from psychological testing and a pathological approach, to one of affirmation and

informed consent.


PrEP for Transgender Populations

Carli Dean, Ellen Tucker, BCAP

Millions of people from a multitude of cultures, communities, and demographics

worldwide are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  Here in the U.S.,

HIV disproportionately affects specific populations, including trans men and women. 

New prevention methods are being introduced frequently, but the most talked about

right now, is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).  This workshop will review PrEP, why

trans men and women are at increased risk for HIV transmission, and how PrEP can

help these populations not acquire HIV in their lifetime.


Dance into Your Body

Vivian Kim, Gabrielle Whitcomb

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  This dance/movement workshop

is fun, energetic, and is a judgement free zone!  Whether you identify as trans, non-binary,

lesbian, gay, poly, asexual, intersex, or an ally- bodies of ALL abilities are welcome.  Our

desire is to have participants leave feeling more comfortable in their skin/bodies. 

Facilitators will use structured dance improvisation scores to embody empowerment

and confidence through kinesthetic learning.


Saturday, March 11th, 2:05-3:15pm

Keynote:  Elle Hearns


Saturday, March 11th, 3:30-4:45pm


Trans People of Color Panel

Trudie Jackson, Elle Hearns, Reign Vela-Tapia, Jordan Garcia, Betty Wang

Transgender people of color, especially trans women of color, are more likely to face

discrimination, harassment, assault and murder than their white counterparts.  The

panelists will share some of their own experiences and perspectives on issues they

have faced or are common to the community.  Our aim is to build a stronger and more

inclusive community and to be able to stand in solidarity with one another while having

a fuller understanding of what it means to be a trans person of color.


Legal Name Change Workshop

Emma Shinn, LLC, David Bradley

Getting your name legally changed in Colorado can be an intimidating process.  How

do I complete the background checks, which forms are needed, how long does it take,

what are the fees, etc.? Once your name change is granted, how do you update your

driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, etc.?  During this workshop

you will hear from a knowledgeable, licensed attorney with experience on name and

gender marker changes.  The process will be reviewed in detail- including options to

obtain the background checks, required forms, publication and/or publication waiver,

fees, updating identity documents, gender markers, and other information for

legal name and gender marker changes.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from

an expert.


Asexual/Aromantic 101

Oliver Stagliano, Erin Moriarty, Danny Sussman

Never heard of the terms Asexual or Aromantic?  Heard of it but don’t know a lot about it? 

Do you identify on the Aromantic/Asexual spectrum?  We will focus on the experience of

attraction as well as its relationship (or lack thereof) with gender.  This will also be the

perfect chance to enter into a safe space and ask any questions you have about the Asexual

and Aromantic communities and identities.



Gender Microaggressions in Mental Health: Identification,

Response, and Resolution

Dr. Dan Johnson

The word microaggression has become familiar to many in recent years and it’s

meaning may have become lost or muddied by a host of different uses.  What matters

most is the events the word refers to and how these events affect those on the receiving

end.  In this session, we will discuss a recent study on gender microaggressions

committed by providers of mental health services.  Results of the research will be

described briefly and prevention will be discussed.  However, the primary focus will

be on how both providers and treatment recipients can respond when

microaggressions are committed, as well as what can be done to repair the damage.


Trans* Youth: Creating a Guidebook for Parents

Ash Zukoski, Tracy Weber

Trans* children are some of the most vulnerable members of our community, and their

lives can be changed for the better, or for the worse, by parental attitudes.  That’s why we

are working on making a guidebook for parents of trans* children and teens, featuring

an introduction to the basics of gender theory, a section about being trans*, information

on physical transition, and advice about how to support children in school and in the world. 

However, we need more voices than just our own: we need as much diverse input as

possible to make the book useful to more people.  This workshop will be partially a

presentation of the material and an open discussion about what to add and how to improve it.


Complimentary Community Acupuncture

David Gorski

Experience a simple, 5-needle ear acupuncture treatment in a community clinic.  When

we come together with purpose, we share the experience with each other and the same is

true of healing arts.  Experience the calming treatment and consult with a licensed



Saturday, March 11th, 5:00-6:15pm


Shadows of Gender: Inclusive Jungian Archetype Workshop

Beit Gorski

Have you experienced shame around gender expression that doesn’t “match” your identity? 

Do you struggle with policing your gender expression even though you’ve transitioned? 

Do you wish you were able to really embrace ALL of the gendered parts of yourself?  This

session is geared toward trans or genderqueer folx who want to explore their relationship

to the human practice of gendering. The Jungian “shadow” is a compilation of the parts of

our selves we’ve learned to shame.  This workshop supports participants in the process of

inviting all the gendered parts of themselves to integrate in order to move past shame and

move through the world with empowered authenticity.  While cisgender participants are

welcome, it is requested that they respect that this work is by and for trans and genderqueer

folx and experiential activities will center on trans and genderqueer experiences.


Intersexions: Intersex, Black and Queer

Jonathan Leggette

Ever thought about what the “I” stands for in LGBTQIA*? It surely doesn’t stand for invisible! 

About 1.5% of the population is born intersex.  We’re not rare, just invisible.  What is intersex? 

Come learn exactly what being intersex means and how to be an inclusive ally to the

community.  Help fight everyday erasure, even in the Trans and Queer community.  Bring

your questions and get answers from someone who is intersex, black and queer.  Participants

will leave the session learning how to best support the needs and goals of the intersex



Stages of Grief and Self-Awareness

Paul Gross

Too often the excitement of self-realization of the authentic self overshadows the time

needed for family members to come to terms with what they have been told.  I will explore

ways to engage family and help them through the stages of grief associated with the loss of

their expectations.  I will use an explanation of the New Relationship Energy associated with

the authentic self and reining it in when talking to family members.


Queer Craft and Zine Making

Daryn Copeland, Sharla Steinam

Join us in practicing radical <3 self-care <3 and reclaiming our personal narratives through

zine making and queer craft.  We will dive into how zine making and queer craft resists

patriarchal structures of knowledge production, as well as how queer craft in itself allows the

author to manipulate hegemonic narrative structures.  Supplies provided.


Embodying Narratives: Stories of Empowerment and Survival through

Breath, Movement and Song

Brian Otto “Bk” Kimmel

What are your strengths?  In what ways do you feel or express your sense of self and

your authentic, radiant voice?  This workshop is an exploration in skill-building and

community action around identity and cultural difference.  It is an effort toward cultivating

individual and collective contexts through performance art, awareness practices and

experiential movement and sound.  The offerings are designed to build on resources

participants already know, and to help identify and strengthen factors that support greater

creativity and effectiveness in our everyday lives and work.


Fingerprinting for Legal Name Change Background Checks*

Denver Fingerprinting


One of the biggest challenges with legal name changes in Colorado is the background check

requirement.  Legal name changes require both an FBI and a CBI (Colorado Bureau of

Investigation) background check and both must be completed within 90 days prior to filing

your legal petition for name change.


The process normally requires that you go to a local law enforcement office on specific days

during specific hours to get fingerprinted and then mail the results to the FBI and wait for

12-14 weeks for the results followed by mailing another fingerprint card to the CBI, which

takes two weeks to get results back.  Denver fingerprinting offers a far more rapid and hassle

free process where you will get your results within 5-10 business days.


This $99 package, per person, includes:


FBI 24-48 Hour Electronic Processing:  FBI results will be available electronically within

24-48 hours through a secure web portal.

FBI Mailed Results:  FBI results are mailed by first class mail which has an average delivery

time of 5-7 business days.

CBI Processing and Mailed Results:  Fingerprints will be submitted to the CBI for processing

and results are send by first class mail which are typically received in 5-10 business days.

Lifetime Archiving:  Fingerprints are captured electronically and will be archived for life so

they can be reproduced on fingerprint cards again when needed.


All fees (FBI fee, channeling fee, fingerprinting fee and CBI fee) are included.  There are no

additional fees.  You do not need to mail anything, all you need to do is wait for both the

FBI and mailed CBI background check results to be received, complete the name change forms

and submit your petition for a legal name change.  Please visit:

http://www.denverfingerprinting.com/NameChangeDenverFingerprinting.pdf for a complete

guide to the name change process.


*This company has a history of working closely with the trans community and is endorsed

by the Gender and Sexuality Center and Out Boulder County.