Transgender symbol Campus Transitioning Guide

This guide details various places and people to contact for students who identify as trans, and may decide to transition, while at CU.  Whether you are still deciding to attend CU or have already graduated, check here for information about name and gender marker changes, hormones, housing, and more. Transgender students should call Kim Foster in Occupancy Management for housing questions and placement.  There are NO limitations on where trans students can be housed.

How to Use this Guide

There is no one way to transition, and no one way to identify as a trans individual. Therefore, we have written this guide in a question-answer format so that whether a person decides to take one or all of steps mentioned, they can find exactly the information that they need for their individual transition.

Questions and answers are broken down into broad categories, listed below. Information that overlaps is mentioned in any section that is relevant so that there is no need to search in more than one place.

Content in the guide focuses on student and campus-related issues, with the exception of a limited amount of city and county specific information. Some of the information may be useful for alumni, staff, and faculty. Trans identifying and transitioning faculty and staff are welcome to seek supplmental information specific to their campus roles from the LGBT Resources page.

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Other Trans Resources

Knowing that no single resource will ever be fully inclusive or exhaustive, we encourage trans-identified and transitioning folks to check out these other resources. As always, please contact us with any questions or feedback.

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