When does recruitment for the Multicultural Greek Council occur?

MGC does not have a collective recruitment process, but most organizations host informational events where students can learn more about each chapter. Reach out to the specific chapter you are interested in joining to see when their events are taking place. 

What is a New Member Presentation/Probate?

A new member presentation, also known as a probate is a celebratory event in which new members of a MGC or NPHC organization present themselves to the community. 

How much does it cost to join a MGC organization?

The cost varies from organization to organization and its subject to change at any time. A significant amount of the funds goes to the national headquarters, conferences and conventions, chapter dues, and items that may be needed during the intake process. Reach out to the members of the specific organization you are trying to join for details on cost. 

Does being a legacy ensure membership?

Being a legacy does not guarantee membership in any organization. Often times, it is advised to proceed through programs and interest meetings/recruitment without a large amount of members knowing about your legacy status. Remember that discretion is important with MGC intake, so please exercise that concept in multiple areas, including sharing information about your legacy status. 

Do MGC organizations have chapter houses?

MGC organizations tend to be smaller than traditional fraternities and sororities. Most MGC chapters have 5-15 active members on average. MGC fraternities and sororities do not have chapter houses.