Research & Innovation Week

Globally and locally, critical issues like the spread of disease, water scarcity and nutrition are intimately related to the changing climate, making it essential for researchers studying human health to be fully engaged in inquiries and policy deliberations related to climate impacts.

The University of Colorado Boulder and CU Anschutz are partnering to bring together researchers, public health practitioners, students and other stakeholders to learn more about the critical intersection of climate and health, and move this conversation forward. 

Join us for a summit including:

  • Cutting-edge research talks
  • Panel discussion on research and education in climate and health
  • Meet-and-greets with colleagues
  • Public lecture by Dr. Jeff Shaman, Director of the Climate and Health Program, Columbia University: "Climate-Disease Connections: Associations, Processes and Incorporation in Infectious Disease Forecast" at Fiske Planetarium at 7p.m. 

Agenda for the Day

8:00 am           Coffee & Check-in

8:30 am           Welcome

8:45 am           Setting the Stage (Rajagopalan Balaji)

9:00 am           Water Quantity and Quality and Human Health (Kathy James)

9:30 am           Malaria and climate in Mozambique (Katie Colborn)

10:00 am         Break

10:30 am         Hurricanes and human health: The association between Medicare cardiorespiratory hospitalizations and tropical cyclones (Brooke Anderson)

11:00 am         Climate and Health Education Panel (Moderator: Kris Karnauskas, Panelists: Elise Grover, Jay Lemery, Colleen Reid & Jeff Shaman)

12:00 pm         Lunch

1:00 pm           Plenary Lecture “The Once and Future Variability of Indian Monsoon” (Rajagopalan Balaji)

2:00 pm           Impact of Doing Nothing vs. Mitigation on Urban Air Pollution as the Climate Changes (Shelly Miller)

2:30 pm           Migration, Climate & Health (Lori Hunter)

3:00 pm           Putting a Human Face on Climate (Paul Aldretti)

3:30 pm           Break

4:00 pm           Frontiers of the Climate-Health Nexus Panel (Moderator: Emily CoBabe-Ammann, Panelists: Jennifer Balch, Lori Hunter, Kris Karnauskas & Rosemary Rochford)

5:15 pm           Reception at Fiske Planetarium

7:30 pm           Public lecture “Climate-Disease Connections: Associations, Processes and Incorporation in Infectious Disease Forecast" (Jeff Shaman). Lecture is open to the public.


Questions? Contact Julie Kazimer: