A key part of graduate education, that is largely obtained outside of your formal classroom instruction or your own scholarly, research, or creative endeavors, is your professional development. The Graduate School offers support for this development through two main avenues: Career Services and our nationally-renowned Graduate Teacher Program.

Career Services

Career Services offers counseling, workshops, and resume preparation services, primarily (though not exclusively) for graduate students and alumni who wish to explore career options beyond traditional academic paths in business, industry, government, or the non-profit sector. It also provides access to job banks and networking opportunities and a graduate student monthly career newsletter. Tel: 303-492-0520. 

In collaboration with the Graduate Teacher Program, Careers Services provides support for the Professional Development Certificate (PDC) in Business, Government and Industry (BGI).

Graduate Teacher Program

The Graduate Teacher Program offers graduate students individual consultation on college teaching, workshops, seminars and networking. The GTP's academic professional development workshops, site visits, mock job talks, interviews and mentorship opportunities address skills needed for graduate students preparing for careers as future faculty and as leaders in the professions.

It also offers extensive training and support in developing teaching and management abilities and has three certification paths to choose from: GTP Certificate in College TeachingPreparing Future Faculty and Preparing Future Professionals.

Through its Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) program, the GTP is working with the National Center for the Integration of Research on Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) to promote the development of a well-prepared national faculty in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse student audiences as part of their professional careers. Tel: 303-492-4902