Graphic of the Graduate School Professionalism Badge showing mountains and CU Boulder brandingThe University of Colorado Boulder’s Professionalism badge focuses on hard and soft skills students will need to successfully enter and thrive in the work place. Workshops for the Professionalism badge feature strategies to take initiative in professional interactions, how to present yourself professionally, ways to leverage digital technologies, and ideas for effective career management. 


Students receiving a Professionalism Badge will be required to do the following:

  1. Attend two professionalism workshops.
  2. Prepare a LinkedIn profile.
  3. Prepare and industry resume.
  4. Record an elevator pitch (or participate in the CU Boulder 3MT Competition) that presents a consistent professional brand for a targeted field or position type.
  5. Find, contact and meet with two professional contacts to explore fields, positions, or companies of interest. Meet with a career advisor to discuss the contacts made, important information learned and an analysis of how information gained has influenced your ongoing career plans.
  6. Attend a career fair or networking event.

When the above steps have been completed, upload each item as evidence to your application.   

I've completed all of the requirements. Now what? 

Fill out the application to get your badge.