Himan Abdollahpouri
Algorithmic Solutions for Removing Bias in Personalized Streaming Services
PhD, Information Science

Jocelyn Armes
Measuring Gender Bias in Music Education
PhD, Music Education

Maria Calahorra-Jimenez
Better Decisions for Better Results: Cost, Quality and Taxpayer's Money
PhD, Civil Engineering

Angie Eng
Georhythmic Astro Zones

PhD, Intermedia Arts, Writing and Performance

Ryan Harp
Why Does Warmer Weather Lead to More Crime?
PhD, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Kelly Kochanski
How Wind-Blown Snow Makes the Arctic Warm Faster
PhD, Geological Sciences

Adam Lamson
How to Understand the Molecular Construction Sites within Our Cells
PhD, Physics

Shaylah Mutschler
One Human's Space Trash Is Another's Treasure

PhD, Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Hanson Smith
The Difficulty of Putting Sprinkles on Donuts
PhD, Mathematics

Jason Zhang
Building Bridges between Groups and Reducing Polarization
PhD, Computer Science