Time Management 101: Three Short Videos

Dr. Sarah Tynen outlines three essential time management strategies.

Coping with Chaos

Dr. Sarah Tynen is joined by Brai Schwandt (MS in Electrical Engineering), who will outline some strategies used by people with dyslexia and ADHD. Those with neuro-diversity are often gifted with strong spatial awareness, creativity, and intuition. Their strategies can enhance the lives of everyone. Brai will specifically focus on the coping tools they developed during graduate school.

Watch Coping with Chaos

Time Management & Focus during COVID19

This webinar introduces strategies to improve focus and schedule your time when working from home during stay-at-home orders.

Watch the Time Management & Focus Video

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Smartphone Strategies During COVID-19

This webinar introduces strategies to work with your phone to reduce distractions and fulfill your needs.

Watch Smartphone Strategies During COVID-19

Download the Smartphone Strategies During Covid-19 PPT

Time Tracking & Distraction Reductions

This workshop will introduce several skills to improve focus and schedule your time to be used most effectively for your top priorities with the ultimate goal of taking back your weekends and graduating earlier.

Watch Time Tracking & Distraction Reductions

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  • Coping with COVID-19: Four Strategies for Working from Home
  • Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Phone
  • Tips for Improving Focus
  • Work Less, Do More