Graphic of leadership badge showing mountains and CU Boulder brandingUniversity of Colorado Boulder’s Graduate School is working to expand professional development opportunities for its graduate students, and leadership is one primary skill to develop. This badge provides a micro-credential for the Graduate Liaisons hired to act as the primary contact between the Graduate School and the students it serves.

The Graduate Liaison position is a key leadership role created to foster leadership skills through creating a proposal for a professional development activity they will lead, as well as improving communication, supporting cross disciplinary connections, brainstorming ideas for program initiatives and helping turn student feedback into actionable goals.

Graduate Liaisons will learn valuable communication skills, gather feedback from stakeholders, draft proposals for program initiatives and focus on creating an original professional development activity to serve their peers.  Six pre-screened participants have been accepted into the program for 2021-2022 academic year.

Right now all of our graduate liaison positions are full. Sign up to apply for the Graduate LIaison position in the future. 


Students receiving a Leadership Badge will be required to do all of the following:

  • Act as the primary contact for communicating to other graduate students in their representative area about Graduate School events and initiatives, such as through monthly emails about Graduate School professional development offerings.
  • Share information about Graduate School offerings and gather feedback from their peers about services that students believe would be helpful.
    • The GL will hold one focus group with 10 students to brainstorm and gather information from students.   
  • Attend between two and three mandatory group meetings per semester with Graduate School staff to improve communication, support cross disciplinary connections, brainstorm ideas for program initiatives and help turn student feedback into actionable goals.
  • Create a proposal for a professional development activity they will lead (e.g. workshop, poster presentation, podcast...) and clear the activity with the Graduate Program Manager.
  • Host the professional development activity
  • Attend a minimum of four Graduate School events per academic year (e.g., 3MT, graduate school workshops, etc.) 

I've completed all of the requirements. Now what? 

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