Graphic of communication badge showing mountains and CU brandingThe University of Colorado Boulder’s Communication Badge prepares learners to develop and communicate effective messages highlighting their work for a diverse set of professional fields and platforms. From posters to presentations, practiced job talks and publications, this badge focuses on skills students need to disseminate their knowledge in academic or industry settings.


Students receiving a Communication Badge will be required to do one of the following:

  1. Prepare an original research talk in order to compete in the 3 Minute Thesis competition.
  2. Present a poster or paper at a national conference.
  3. Participate in the Publication Bootcamp or Publish Not Perish series and publish an article in a scholarly journal.
  4. Create and publish a form of multi-media content such as a podcast or personal web page.
  5. Write and publish a public interest article in a reputable media source (e.g., Foreign Policy, Economist, The New York Times, The Conversation).


  1. Attend two communication workshops hosted by the Graduate School. (Note: Events or workshops attended during Fall 2019 also count!)

I've completed all of the requirements. Now what? 

Fill out the application to get your badge. The Graduate Program Manager will then reach out to you to confirm completion of and review the above requirements.