Graduate study in the School of Education is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills associated with mastering and critically analyzing scholarships in the field of education and, particularly at the PhD level, with the knowledge and skills associated with contributing to that scholarship. Students work with a collaborative faculty whose members combine nationally and internationally recognized senior scholars with a cadre of energetic up-and-coming junior scholars and whose overall scholarly productivity is among the top 20 of U.S. schools and colleges of education. The faculty share a commitment to two broad principles that unite graduate study across the School’s program areas: (1) evidence-based policy and practice and (2) democracy, diversity and social justice.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Higher Education 
(Professional Master's in Arts)
MA+ Programs and Advanced Endorsements: In specified Masters Plus (MA+) programs in the Curriculum & Instruction program area it is possible to work on both a Masters degree and teacher certification. In two of the program areas, Literacy (EDCI) and Educational and Cultural Diversity (EECD), it is possible to earn advanced teaching endorsements concurrent with work on the Masters degree. To qualify for admission to these advanced teaching endorsement programs students must already be certified teachers and have teaching experience.

Graduate MA and PhD programs are available in four general areas in the School of Education:

  • Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI)
  • Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity (EECD)
  • Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice (EFPP)
  • Learning Sciences and Human Development (LSHD) (formerly EPSY)

A PhD program is available in Research and Evaluation Methodology (REME). A joint PhD program is available in Learning Sciences and Human Development with the Institute of Cognitive Science. 

This degree has course offerings in the Curriculum and Instruction in Math and Science offered online via distance education. 

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