Access Rates

The rates below apply only to purchasing of previously recorded lectures available for purchase. If you are enrolled for a distance course for the current semester, you will automatically receive access via the Internet (streaming/downloading) for the course in which you are enrolled.

Courses available for purchase are listed on the Courses for Purchase page. $5,500 for Full Course 

Individuals who previously completed the distance course: $100 for Full Course or $10 per Lecture for up to 5 lectures (Access is available only for the course recorded for the semester for which the student was enrolled. Note that, in general, previously recorded lectures are retained for two years only). 

Shipping and Handling Rates

Courses will be made available for streaming/downloading via the Internet at no additional cost. If you request a CD/DVD to be sent to you, shipping/handling charges will apply. We do not ship outside the continental United States.

  • UPS Ground (2 - 5 days) $7
  • FedEx 2-day $9
  • FedEx Overnight $15

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