Want to get started right away? You can take a class as a nondegree student while you gather your degree application materials. Up to three classes (nine credit hours) may apply to your degree program once you are accepted (with a grade of B or better). If you want to study for personal development, you can take as many classes as desired as a nondegree student.

Degree Students

Degree-seeking students should follow registration instructions on the Office of the Registrar website. If you have been admitted to CU Boulder but did not take a class for a semester or more, you may need to take certain steps to reapply or reactivate your student record.

Nondegree Students

If you are taking courses as part of a certificate program, you will receive a registration appointment and at that time, you will register for a course through MyCUInfo

Students taking an individual course(s), for professional development, follow the enrollment instructions for the ACCESS program. 

Course Enrollment Form

For both degree and nondegree students, select distance courses require completion of the Course Enrollment form if you want to enroll in the following types of courses:

  • Library courses
  • Independent study hours
  • Thesis hours
  • Engineering Management courses (if you haven't been accepted into the engineering management degree program or certificate program)