The Course Library is a virtual collection of course lectures recorded in a previous semester when the course was taught live on campus. Some of these recorded courses are available for students to enroll in and take for credit during a subsequent semester or term and others are available to government and industry to purchase for in-house training.

Courses for Credit

Students can enroll in courses from the library for credit with permission from the instructor. Contact the instructor for permission - an email will suffice or you can send the instructor this Distance Course Enrollment form. Take the completed form or email from the instructor giving permission to your department’s graduate advisor who will enroll you in the class. You will work directly with the instructor (similar to an independent study) for the duration of the semester to complete assignments and exams. Requirements and dates for all assignments and exams will be set by the instructor and communicated to you. Be sure to inquire of the instructor if a proctor is required for exams and if so, how that process will work. At the conclusion of the semester, the instructor will submit a grade for you.

If the course you are interested in is taught live for your desired semester, the Library option will not be available.

When you enroll in a Library Course, the same academic semester dates as students taking a class offered on campus, including the enrollment period, drop deadlines, tuition payment time frames, and the course completion deadline apply. These dates can be found on the Campus Academic Calendar.

Copyright Information

All material, whether taken for course credit or purchased, is granted to user under a limited license for sole use of the recipient. All materials are copyrighted by the University of Colorado, and any reproduction, broadcast, or resale is strictly prohibited.

Library Courses for Purchase

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Library Courses for Credit

To view the description of each course, visit the Registrar’s Office Class Search.

  • ASEN 5012: Mechanics of Aerospace Structures 
  • ASEN 6008: Interplanetary Mission Design
  • ASEN 6008: Space Mission Design
  • ASEN 6061: Molecular Gas Dynamics and Direct MC Sim
  • ASEN 6519: Celestial Mechanics & Advanced Astrodynamics

  • CVEN 5574: Water Utilities Management: Issues and Challenges

  • EDUC 5317: Perspectives on Mathematics and Math Education
  • EDUC 5706: Assessment in Mathematics and Science Eduation
  • EDUC 6804: Social Emotional Learning

  • ECEN 5114: Waveguides and Transmission Lines
  • ECEN 5273: Network Systems

  • TLEN 5330: Data Communications 1
  • TLEN 5530: Applied Network Security
  • TLEN 5830: Fundamentals of network Programming