At the beginning of the semester, the Graduate School will send each faculty member teaching courses via distance education a form to complete seeking their permission to include their course in our virtual Library.

Courses are added to the course library after each semester and they are available for sale to government, industry and other academic institutions. Revenue generated from course library sales is shared with instructors and/or their department based on the compensation agreement.

Students can enroll in courses from the library for credit with permission from the instructor. If that permission is granted, we will enroll the student for the appropriate semester, give the student online access to the course lectures, email the student any handouts or instructor notes, collect tuition, and pay the instructional share. The student will work directly with the instructor (similar to an independent study) for the duration of the semester to complete assignments and exams. Requirements and dates for all assignments and exams will be set by the instructor and communicated to the student. At the conclusion of the semester, the instructor will submit a grade for the student online.

Each recorded course will be maintained in the course library and will be updated each time it is taught again through the Graduate School. Courses are generally removed from the course library when they are older than five years. However, if at any time, the instructor determines that the course has become outdated, we will remove the course from our inventory at their direction. Should the instructor leave the university, their course(s) will be removed from the course library.

Please consult with the following page for a listing of current Course Library course offerings.

If the course you are interested in is taught live for your desired semester, the Library option will not be available.

When you take a Library Course, you adhere to the same academic semester dates as students taking a class offered on campus, including the enrollment period, drop deadlines, tuition payment time frames, and the course completion deadline. These dates can be found on the Campus Academic Calendar.

These courses have been approved by the instructor to be included in the Course Library.  However, for most courses, you will need to contact the instructor directly to obtain permission to take the course in a particular semester. An email from the instructor granting permission to take the course in a specific semester is sufficient permission. You will also need to complete the Course Enrollment Form to register for Library Courses as they are not available for online enrollment via MyCUInfo.

Copyright Information

All material, whether taken for course credit or purchased, is granted to user under a limited license for sole use of the recipient. All materials are copyrighted by the University of Colorado, and any reproduction, broadcast, or resale is strictly prohibited.

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 Library Courses

Library courses are digital recordings of University of Colorado Boulder graduate courses taught in previous semesters. Students may enroll in these courses for academic credit, with pre-approval from the library course's instructor.

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