Let us help you make a smooth transition from blackboards and chalk dust to a high-tech course delivery platform. Teaching your course online will expand the reach of your expertise. Take advantage of the opportunity to interject class discussions with ideas from students with diverse backgrounds and points of view.

Class Rosters

Class rosters can be obtained through the CU faculty portal; however, the students' proctor  information is not included. To get your distance student roster from the portal, you will need to click on the distance section(s) from your class list. Refer to the distance section number information below. When requesting space on Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas, be sure that you include the course and section numbers for all the courses and/or sections that are double-listed, cross-listed, meets with, and distance section (B).

Semester live course section: 001B
Library course section: 007B
Embedded Systems and Power Electronics Lab section: 001B

dWe encourage you to pull up new rosters occasionally through the first few weeks of classes when many drops and adds occur.

Engage with Your Audience

When offering your course online, you are teaching for two groups of students: those present in the classroom and distance students downloading or streaming the lecture at a later time. You are most likely comfortable with the former; for tips on how to best serve the distance students, check out the Best Practices for Digital Lecture Capture page.

Create the Optimal Educational Experience

Is your class more lecture-based with little student interaction, or is it geared towards lively discussion and debate? Are you a wanderer, constantly engaging students around the room, or do you prefer to plant yourself at the podium? We can assist and accommodate all teaching methods in our classrooms. Tell us about your style of teaching and class focus so we can make the appropriate adjustments.

For more information on specific classrooms and the equipment available for use, check out the Facilities and Classroom Information Page. Head over to the FAQ page for information on administering tests, grading, cancelling class and more.