The Graduate School team can provide you with extensive services related to instructional design and support, technology assistance, room and studio support and classroom assistance. 

How do I cancel a class?

If you are planning to cancel class, or will not be recording due to testing, inform OIT as far in advance as possible so that students can be advised as soon as possible.

To arrange for make-up sessions, contact OIT.

Can I pre-record a class?

If you will be away from campus during your scheduled class time, you can pre-record your lecture. Arrange a studio time with the OIT staff at least one week in advance. 

How do my students gain access to course material and recordings?

How do my students access the CU Boulder computer network?

Student can request access to the CU Boulder computer network. To do so, they should contact Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 303-735-4357. Students will be given access to email, web hosting, Net News, FTP and other UNIX software. Students can use the CU Boulder campus computing facilities free of charge. However, printing fees will apply. For more information, visit

How are course lectures made available?

Recorded lectures are made of available via Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas for streaming or downloading normally within four hours. Please refer to distributing materials to students for additional information. 

If you require assistance, please contact OIT at

How do my distance students access recorded lectures?

Enrolled students will use Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas to access course lectures and to communicate with the instructor. Students will need to activate their student accounts, including IdentiKey, in order to use Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas.

How do I deliver course materials to my students?

Instructors can deliver course materials to their students via Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas and other course management tools, as well as via email listservs. These electronic resources enable instructors to have control over distribution and to quickly deliver course materials to distance students and their proctors.

How can my students access the software required for my class?

Discuss any special computer requirements for your course at the beginning of the semester, especially if your students will need specific software to complete their assignments. Please include the software to be purchased in your course description. 

If students need to purchase software, they can do so at a discounted price from the bookstore. Students must show that they are registered for the course and that the software is required.

Is there a deadline for me to return graded assignments to distance students?

We recommend that graded assignments should be returned to students within two weeks of their submission. Regarding returning graded assignments, please bear in mind that it takes approximately one week for distance students to receive shipped materials. One concern consistently raised in course evaluation forms is that the students do not receive graded homework and quizzes or exams in time for them to be of value when studying for upcoming tests. Graded homework and corrected tests should be returned promptly so that students can effectively assess their progress and seek any necessary help in a timely manner. 

How do I account for shipping time when setting deadlines?

Shipments of media requested by distance students are typically sent once or twice a week via two-day FedEx or UPS. If you wish to know the shipping schedule for your class, please contact OIT.

Domestic distance students should have media within one week of the class session. International or remote areas will require more time for shipping. Please take shipping time into consideration when setting deadlines for assignments, quizzes and exams. Please deliver hard copy materials to OIT at least one week before you wish students to receive the them.

One effective way of handling deadlines is to establish a date suitable for assignment submission and insist that submitted assignments are postmarked on or before that date. You may choose to establish a grading penalty for all late submissions. This system allows you to share solutions to the assignment on the day following the postmark deadline date and keep your class on schedule. Please share your grading policy with all your students at the beginning of the semester.

What is the best way for students to access my course notes?

If you have numerous notes and articles that you wish your students to have, consider having the CU Book Store clear the copyrights, print and bind the notes. They can do this at minimal cost to your students and will mail the materials directly to your students. However, if you are going to sell a bound set of notes or collected readings from your department, you or your department are responsible for both billing the students and for mailing the text. Be sure to include your department's handling and mailing costs in the price of your notes or readings.

If you have arranged for the CU Book Store, campus copy center, or your department to sell your notes, please inform your students at the start of the semester. Students can order texts directly from the CU Book store at 303-492-3444 or 1-800-255-9168. Alternatively, they can order online at Please provide us with one electronic copy of bound notes for your course file.

What is meant by the class session and media numbers?

Each class session is assigned a number (e.g., #1 for the first session, #2 for the second session, etc.). Media are numbered consecutively. If a session is canceled, that media number is given to the following session (e.g., If session #5 on Monday is canceled, then the media of the following class on Wednesday becomes #5). When referring to a previous class during a lecture, refer to the session and media number rather than the date of the class, since students at remote sites view the media at different times. 

Do I need to use my own laptop computer in the studio classrooms?

Refer to the facilities and locations section for more information. 

Can I offer special review sessions?

If you conduct special review sessions for your main campus students contact the OIT studio staff to reserve a room, so that we can record the sessions for your distance education students as well.

Contact the OIT studio staff as soon as possible to arrange for special sessions.

How do I administer tests to my distance students?

Instructors control the manner in which quizzes and exams are administered. Each distance student has proctor who is responsible for administering quizzes and exams. Only those in positions of responsibility can be selected as proctors. For example, the student's supervisor, an officer in their company's personnel or training department, a local librarian or a representative from an academic institution. Please refer to the Exam Certification Cover Sheet that we provide. 

An Exam Certification Cover Sheet is required for every proctor on every exam. It should include the:

  • Exam date: Some instructors indicate the lecture number(s) that should be viewed before taking the exam. Others indicate a first date or a range of dates when the exam should be taken. Remember that proctors at remote sites cannot administer quizzes/exams other than during normal workday hours. However, they are instructed to observe the scheduled date and time as closely as possible.
  • Deadline for the exam to be returned: Most of the time, quizzes and exams can be faxed or scanned and emailed back to you. If you require the return of the original quiz/exam, consider the mailing time necessary for material to be sent to and from the exam proctor. Indicate if the returned quiz/exam must be postmarked or received by the due date.
  • Format: Open/closed book, take-home, etc.
  • Address or fax number of exam grader or instructor: Quizzes/exams, as well as any other assignments to be graded, should be returned directly to the grader, TA or instructor.
  • Upon administering the quiz/exam, the proctor will complete the certification section, which verifies that the exam was administered as the instructor directed and that the person taking the exam is the enrolled student, and then return the exam to the instructor or TA as indicated on the exam certification cover sheet.

We encourage you to submit tests along with an exam certification cover sheet directly to the proctor via email. Upon administering the test, the proctor will verify that the instructor's directions were followed by completing the certification section of the cover sheet.

What if I need to substitute a pre-recorded lecture during the semester?

Instructor Archive Request Process

If you cancel class or otherwise require the use of previously recorded materials we offer the ability to reactivate content from our archive. Please note that this is a manual process and will take approximately 8 business hours per presentation (one class or lecture). Once the materials are reactivated they will be available through your Desire2Learn (D2L)/Canvas. You will be notified on how to access these materials in your course once the reactivation process is complete.

To make a request for this material please email OIT with the following information:

  • Name of the course
  • Section
  • Semester
  • Original recording date(s) or lecture number(s)
Do I need to inform studio staff of scheduled exams and quizzes?

If you have an exam or quiz scheduled for a class day and do not wish for that class session to be recorded, please notify OIT as far in advance as possible. If you are giving an in-class final exam, you have the option of recording all, part or none of the class session. 

What do I do with requests from students to change enrollment status (drops, withdrawals, incompletes)?

What should I do if a student requests to drop my class?

Many distance students are working professionals juggling work and school. When a student's job workload increases or they are frequently traveling for business, they often panic and believe dropping the course is the only solution. The Graduate School advises students to first consult with the instructor about the following options:

  • Extending a deadline to accommodate the student's special circumstances
  • Granting the student an incomplete for the course
  • Changing the student's course enrollment from credit to non-credit
  • Permitting the student to withdraw from the course

Permission from the instructor is required for each option. After the academic drop deadline, the student must also petition the department's dean if they wish to withdraw from the class or take it for no credit. Refer to the academic calendar for the deadline date.

What should I do if a student requests an extension?

Many distance students are working professionals. On occasion, your students may request an extension of an assignment deadline due to increased workloads or personal issues. Please be as flexible as you can, acknowledging that these students are attempting to balance professional and personal responsibilities while taking courses.

What should I do if a student requests an incomplete?

Occasionally, job responsibilities and business travel may cause a student to get too far behind, rendering them unable to complete all the class requirements by the end of the semester. In this case, you may grant an Incomplete Failure (I - Incomplete) as the student's temporary grade at the conclusion of the semester. When a student request an incomplete, discuss the specific requirements for course completion.

Granting an incomplete is entirely at the instructor's discretion. Upon granting an incomplete, students must clearly understand the amount of extra time that you will allow them to finish their course work. You are free to specify your time limit for submitting work to finish an incomplete. However, please keep in mind that university regulations stipulate that students granted an incomplete have a maximum of one year to complete the course - work must be graded and the new grade entered in the CU Student Information System (CU-SIS) no later than one year after the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled in your course. If a new grade is not entered into CU-SIS by the one year deadline, the incomplete automatically becomes an F.

What should I do if a student requests to withdraw from my course?

If you are unable to adjust assignment deadlines or grant an incomplete and the student wishes to drop the class, you may grant a withdrawal according to the rules of the university. Refer to the academic calendar for deadline dates.


Who has the copyright to the recorded course?

While the instructor maintains the copyright to the intellectual property shared with the class, the Graduate School maintains the copyright to the recorded product. With the instructor's permission, the Graduate School markets the recorded courses generating revenue to help maintain its budget. 

Do instructors or departments get compensated for teaching distance courses through the Graduate School?

For detailed information, contact the dean's office of your college or school. 

When is the grade submission deadline for distance students?

Grades are submitted online per university policy. Grades for distance students are due 90 hours after the final exam. If the deadline for grade submission cannot be met, please contact the Registrar's office as soon as possible.

Online Grade Submission Instructions

If a student is inordinately delayed in submitting a final exam, you may want to give that student a grade of incomplete (I) to avoid delay in getting grades to other students. Students usually need to receive a grade before being reimbursed by their companies. Students can access their grades, print an unofficial transcript and request an official transcript via MyCUInfo.