Producing engineers capable of identifying, preventing, and solving building, construction and environmental problems is the department’s objective. In addition to the well-established graduate programs in environmental, water resource and geotechnical engineering, students in the department may also choose to study in the emerging field of geoenvironmental engineering. Campus facilities, including a National Science Foundation-funded earthquake simulator, permit a case-study approach, which exposes students to real-world problems and allows experimentation, testing and analysis. Courses are available online and on campus; most of the professional degrees have online courses included in the curriculum.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

MS, Professional MS, PhD, Water Engineering and Management Certificate, Engineering for Developing Communities Certificate, Online Certificate in TunnelingAll courses in Water Engineering and Management are offered via distance but not all. Some courses in Engineering for Developing Communities are offered via distance but not all.

Distance Education

Reference pages with details about distance education.

Program Information

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