All master's degree students are subject to the regular requirements presented in the master's graduation information. In addition to those requirements, concurrent bachelor's/master's students should be aware of the following information.

Important Information for Concurrent Students

  • In the concurrent program, the Bachelor's and Master's degree MUST be awarded at the same time.
  • During the semester in which you plan to graduate, you must therefore turn in graduation paperwork both to the Graduate School and to your undergraduate school or college. Please check with that undergraduate school to be sure that you have turned in the appropriate graduation paperwork by their deadlines.
  • If you must delay your graduation with one degree, you must delay graduation for both. You will need to submit a new diploma card for the next upcoming graduation to both the undergraduate school and to the Graduate School.
  • The two attached supplemental forms are required for concurrent students, and are explained below.

Required Supplemental Forms

Concurrent Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program Supplement to the Candidacy Application

  • This form must be turned in with the candidacy application by the regular candidacy application deadline.
  • The form indicates which courses are being overlapped (used toward both the bachelor's degree and the master's degree) in accordance with program guidelines.
  • The form must be signed by undergraduate and graduate authorities.
  • The Graduate School cannot begin processing the candidacy application without this form.

Concurrent Bachelor's/Master's Certificate of Completion of the Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree

  • This form must be turned in to certify that the Bachelor's degree requirements have been completed.
  • If possible, it can be turned in to the Graduate School with the candidacy application.
  • If you have courses to complete in your last semester for the Bachelor's degree, it should be turned in as soon as possible following completion so that we can approve you for graduation.